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Top Best Beer Brands in India to Look For !

India is one of the biggest markets of breweries in the world.There are so many Beer manufacturers in India, some of them have their origin in India and some are from other parts of the world. The Indian and foreign brands happily prevail in India.Beer stands high for every occasion in India, whether it is a moment of happiness or it’s sad.We have found out names other than Kingfisher and Tuborg also, so don’t be surprised to read some new names on the list.

Beer is the national drink of India after Milk which still continues to be at the top.Beer is the ultimate solution to every problem in India.No party is complete without drinking beer these days.So if you’re a newbie and looking for some brands which are too good to try, then we have some stuff for you guys. Let us have a look at these beer brands which you won’t deny after trying for once.

Best Beer Brands in India

Here we are listing some of the Most Popular Beer Brands in India which are worth a try.If you’re not trying them, you might be missing something which you should not.Let’s have a look:


The Hoegaarden Brand from Belgium is one of the best brands which has marked its presence on a good note.The brand is more than 500 years old and tastes awesome.It is one of the most popular wheat beer.The company planned to stop the production at Hoegaarden, Belgium in 2006 but the locals revolted against it and company could not follow what they decided and had to restart the production in 2007.The price of the beer stands at ₹200 in New Delhi.


The Premium Dutch Brand is one of the most valuable beer brands in India.The company was founded in 1671 in Rotterdam.The premium brands taste as good as they charge.The soothing taste makes you drink more and enjoy more.You can only manage to stop if you know your limits.One thing for the newbies is, don’t get fooled by the name, there’s no flavor of Orange in this beer. The price of the beer is around ₹150.So, Sit back and relax with your friends.


Tsingtao Brewery Co.Ltd was founded in China by the Anglo-German Brewery Co.Ltd and it has covered almost 15% of total liquor market of China till date.

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The company has also spread its legs in India in 2011.Currently, the Indian market has only rice made beer available from this brand. The current price of the beer stands at ₹180.


Corona is a Mexican Beer Brand which has set up itself as a big brand in India.The company has spread its legs in more than 170 countries.They have a large scale demand in India too.There’s a ritual of the brand that it is served with a Lime Piece on the opening of the bottle.This is one of the expensive beer brands in India and it costs up to ₹240 for a 355ml bottle.

Kingfisher Ultra

Kingfisher has always been the choice of classy people who love to be in class and maintain some standard.Kingfisher Ultra Lager is the most premium beer brand in the country as of now.There are three types of parking available in the brand:650ml bottles, 330ml pints, and 500ml cans.The royalty of the beer makes it the emperor of Good Times.The price of the 650ml bottle is marked ₹89.


This one is not made for kids, it is among the strong beers prevailing in the market.The company started their operations in 1876.The beer is special because it is made up of barley malt along with rice.The different and strong taste makes it strong and special.It is one of the most selling brands of beer in India.The price of the beer is kept at ₹81 for 650ml.


Tuborg is not one of the expensive beers of India but definitely, it is one of the most sold beers in the country.The company was founded in 1873 by Carl Frederik.Tuborg Green, Tuborg Lemon, Tuborg Christmas beer, Tuborg Gold are some of the many different beers being produced by Tuborg.As Tuborg Red is the first beer to be brewed by the company, it is brewed only once a year so as to celebrate the birthday of the company.The Price of the premium beer is ₹89.

Stella Artois 

Stella Artois was started in 1926 in Belgium.The company was later merged into the world’s largest brewery,  Anheuser-Busch InBev.The percentage of alcohol volume in the beer varies around 4.8% to 5.2% which is at the prescribed levels.The Premium brand is not known to all the beer lovers, as it costs a bit more than other beers in the market and that is the reason it is less seen in the bars and other beer sellers.The 330ml can of the beer costs around ₹289 which is high compared to other brands.


Carlsberg is a Denmark-based beer manufacturer.It is one of the most trusted brands of beer.The demand is quite similar in proportion to the global demand.The company was set up in 1847 and is scaling up continuously in order to meet the growing customer base and their demands.The price of the beer is very economical and it ranges up to ₹125 for 650ml.


Heineken is a popular brewery brand which entered the Indian market in the last decade.The Company Heineken International is a big sponsor of UEFA Champions League and it indicates the scale of the company.The Dutch Based beer manufacturer produces beer with a maximum of 5% alcohol in the total liquid. Yeast, Barley malts, Hops, and Water are the main components of the beer.The price of the Premium beer is closer to ₹242 for 650ml of a bottle which is quite more than other beer brands.

These were some of the best Beer Brands of India which every Indian Beer Lover should try at least once in their lifetime.We have tried our best to provide you sufficient information regarding the Breweries.We aim to bring the best information for our readers so as to make them read the best.Please give us the feedback to help us improvise and write better content for our readers.Do share the article if you loved it.

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