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Things to Ensure While Making Online Bets in IPL

If you are aiming to do online betting in India, then the first thing to find out is whether betting on various online sites is legal or not. If you are not sure, you need to research and identify the legal Indian betting sites. This is to make sure that you do not end up in a legal tangle of any kind. The same is true about betting apps in India. Then, there could be scams, illegal and unsecured transactions – so you have to be careful about installing any and every betting app you find online. It is important to note that the same applies to IPL betting apps. 

Online Bets in IPL

IPL, which is the short form of the Indian Premier League, has forever changed the way to enjoy the gentlemen’s game of cricket. The old guard is aghast at the amount of money spent during the IPL auctions. Furthermore, the age limit is no bar for the talented young cricketers and has no relation to the money they can earn during one IPL season. Players as young as eighteen can draw a lot of money in these IPL auctions! It is a sheer delight for the fans to see how improved and analytic the game of cricket has become in this recent avatar. Added to this is the possibility of your home IPL team having your favorite players from all over the world playing together under the same banner! As its popularity has enhanced, it has also become attractive for fans to spend extra money using IPL betting apps.

Once you are sure that the apps you want to use for IPL betting are legal betting apps in India, then some of the things you need to keep in mind are given below. 

  • Set a fixed amount of money that you can afford to lose. This is critical as you have to bear in mind that you cannot afford to wager all your hard-earned money when there is an equal chance of winning and losing. As with any game, cricket also has its twists and turns, and results cannot be predicted despite all the analytical tools available now. To get started would be to keep some amount of money from your extra savings for betting and then stay within that limit. It should not affect your regular lifestyle adversely. 

It is also important that the money used for betting should not be borrowed from anyone. It is best not to take a loan and then use it on bets. If you lose your bet, it can impact them adversely as you would not be able to pay the loan back. 

  • Research before betting by considering odds. A particular team might not be on a winning streak for all its games. Just because you are emotionally vested in a particular team cannot make it win all its games. Thus, betting on a team at an emotional level is always risky. Research on key players and their performances could give you more confidence to make winning bets and ensure positive cash flows. With each auction, the composition of the team changes, so tracking the newly added players is critical to understanding the team’s winning potential.
  • Find websites that offer multiple options. As you start to understand the world of betting, it’s best to go slow and ensure that all is not lost on a single bet. So look for welcome offers and site credits upon joining a betting site. One option could be to start betting on one aspect of the match rather than a complete game. There could be multiple offers to choose from, so reading and researching the websites before downloading the apps is a good approach.
  • Be prepared that your team could lose. Despite your best efforts and research, as well as considering all types of odds, there is a chance that your team could lose. This means that you could stand to lose all that you had marked towards betting or the gains of previous bets. But there is also the possibility of winning back your losses another time. So it’s important to look at your losses positively. This adds to the excitement and thrill as, like all games, cricket is also unpredictable. 

But betting cannot be your full-time job that would help pay for your living expenses. If you do think so, then you could end up making investments that could be harmful to you in the long run. 


In conclusion, it’s wise to look for legal betting apps in India and use only such apps for IPL betting. As you start to understand the betting process and the unpredictability of cricket, you will get more successful bets. Then, you would enjoy the game and the extra cash coming your way. 

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