Review of Sunrise EHR Software

Sunrise EHR, developed by Allscripts, is a dynamic electronic health records (EHR) system designed for large clinical enterprises. It’s crafted to aid physicians in making informed decisions by providing aggregated patient information in real-time through a user-friendly interface. The EHR software is designed to provide streamlined functionalities to medical professionals, enhancing efficiency in patient care and treatment​1​.

What is Sunrise EHR?

Sunrise Clinical Manager is a comprehensive EHR system that enables physicians to efficiently manage patient charts and utilize search functions, as well as handle electronic medical records. The Allscripts Sunrise charting system is at the core of this software, making it easier for physicians to track and manage patient information​1​.

Key Features of Sunrise EHR

Sunrise EHR comes with a host of features that help to improve the efficiency of clinical workflows. Some of these key features include:

Appointment Management
Clinical Workflow
Document Management
Lab Integration
Patient Demographics
Patient History
Reporting and Analytics

These features aid in the management of appointments, the integration of lab results, the tracking of patient demographics and histories, document management, and e-prescription services. Reporting and analytics features also provide insights into various aspects of patient care and clinical management​1​.

Deployment and Additional Information

Sunrise EHR is a Windows-based application that can be implemented either on-premise, as a hosted service, or in the cloud. Allscripts also offers a native iOS application, making it more accessible to users across different platforms.

In terms of specialty, the software caters to various fields, including Community Health Centers, Family Medicine, General Practitioners, Surgery, Urgent Care, and other specialties. It’s designed to cater to the needs of practices with 11-50 physicians and those with over 50 physicians​1​.


In summary, Sunrise EHR is a robust EHR solution that provides key functionalities to large clinical enterprises. Its user-friendly interface, real-time patient data aggregation, and diverse features make it a reliable choice for healthcare professionals. Its flexibility in terms of deployment and its native iOS application further enhance its accessibility and usability.

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