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Top 9 Best Simple Tricks To Get Clear Skin Naturally At Home

Everyone wants picture perfect skin with flawless skin. Clear skin is clean and beautiful with no other elements with it. To get the beautiful and clear skin you need to change your lifestyle and do care for your skin. Healthy skin helps you to feel beautiful and confident as well. Here are Home Remedies For How To Get Clear Skin Tone.

Your skin texture and cleanliness will totally depend on the stress level, nutrition, pollution, exposure to sun UV rays, smoking and drinking habit. The market is full fledged with the products that claim that they will provide you a perfect skin with glowing and clear skin.

There are simple few tricks which will provide you the clear skin without any much efforts. Also, read How to get clear skin for men, how to get clear skin within a week.
how to get clear skin at home

How To Get Clear Skin With Simple Remedies In A Few Days

To get clear skin we go to a dermatologist and get medication for it but you can a get clear and perfect skin with few tricks only. Clear skin means no acne, no pimples, no dark spots on the face. So, here is a list how to the get perfect clear skin.

how to get fair skin naturally

1. Wash Your Face

This is the first step in getting the clear face that washes your face. It is a simple technique which cleans away dirt from your face. After washing your face you will feel active and all laziness will go away.

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Never ever sleep before you wash your face. By using cold water the opened the pores will be closed, which prevent any foreign material to get into them.

get clear skin at home

2. Drink Plenty Of Water

It is another simplest way to keep your body hydrated and released out the impurities and toxins from your body. It also removes out the excess of oil and dirt from your body. The maximum part of our body is made up of water. So glowing and getting clear skin is incomplete without adding plenty of water to your diet. This hydration will also reduce your wrinkles as well as signs of ageing.

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3. Avoid Sun

Try to avoid the sun exposure as you known it is the good source of the vitamin D but Contains UV radiation which will damage your natural shine as well as texture. If it is needed to go out in the sun rays then you can wear full clothes that cover your maximum your body parts as well as use sunscreen lotion. You can carry an umbrella also which will also provide safety from Sun.

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Avoid Sun

4. Use Toner

Toner is another important element in getting clear skin. Toner helps in clearing off dirt from your skin, it will also help in restoring the skin pH balance to its ideal, and it will also help in absorbing moisturizer better in the skin. Toner will also provide skin-repairing substances like antioxidants, fatty acids, glycerin which gives you a fresh, smooth and younger skin tone. Toner also reduces the pores of the skin.

how to get clear skin home remedies

5. Exfoliate

Exfoliate is used to remove the dead skin and regular use of exfoliating will enhance the glowing, smooth and fresh skin. Exfoliate can also damage your skin if having larger granules in it so you must check your pack before applying on the skin it must contain small beads in it.


Exfoliate can be prepared at home or you can buy from the market. Buy alpha hydroxy acids which remove dead skin without rubbing. If you are curious about your skin then you can use home made remedies for scrubbing your face like Bengal gram flour, oats, lentil powder or orange peel. This will help in removing dull and dead skin and improves the texture of the skin. Regular use of the exfoliate will help in absorbing moisture and serum in your skin.

6. Always Remove Make Before You Sleep

You are ready to go to the party with full of makeup including your eyes, lips, forehead, chin, cheeks, and nose. Then when it comes to removing it you get little lazy but you should remove your makeup before going to the bed because it will clog your pores. Then it will open the doors for the blackheads, excess of oil, acne and pimples. It will also promote germs to grow on the skin which will help in the formation of the pus forming pimples and acne.

Always remove Make before you sleep

7. Leave The Stress

Stress is another factor which will hinder in your skin to get perfect because stress hormone will help in the excess production of the oil on the skin which directly cause blackheads, acne or pimples to grow. Sleep is a very important factor which reduces the stress level in the body and to gain perfect skin tone. 7-8 hours of sleep is needed to overcome the stress.

Leave the stress

A warm bath will also reduce the level of stress in the body. There is some stress reliever strategies which you can also follow like taking a spa, massage, yoga, meditation, listen to music, doing some job which is your favorite, paintings and hanging out with your peer groups.

8. Physical Activity

Physical activity is not only important in reducing weight but also in gaining or getting perfect skin. Physical activities increase oxygen flow to the cells and tissue and carries out the waste from your body. It will also reduce the stress level. You may incorporate any type of the exercise like cycling, swimming, aerobics, dancing and skipping. To get clear skin then you must follow any type of the exercise in your routine.

Physical activity

9. Eat Nutritious Food

What you eat, how much you eat will reflect on your skin. There is a direct connection of your skin with gut. If your food is junk and full of oil then you will a get pimple, acne and blackheads on your skin which will hinder in your perfect skin. So try to eat food which is nutritious and helpful in getting clear skin. Skin needs vitamin and minerals to get glowing skin and perfect skin.

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Eat vitamin C-rich foods like grapes, guava, lemon, kiwi fruit, amla, berries, and blackcurrants because vitamin c is an anti ageing properties and protect you from the sun rays and improves collagen production. Foods must also have antioxidants in it like amla, green tea etc and much more. If your gut is happy it will keep your skin also happy with glowing, flawless and perfect skin.

To get clear skin you need not go somewhere else it is in your hand only so don’t in the parlor to waste your time but spend few minutes in the mirror with you only.