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Red Door Yellow Door – 7 Play Easy Tips

Red Door Yellow Door, also known as Doors of the Mind, is a psychological game that has gained popularity, especially among teenagers and those interested in paranormal games. This game is often associated with sleepovers and gatherings, capturing the intrigue of participants who wish to explore the depths of their mind in a seemingly supernatural setting.

7 Red Door Yellow Door Play Easy Tips – Short “RDYD’ Game

Tips No 1:- Pick the Right People:

  • Choose someone calm to be the guide. The person playing should be relaxed and not easily scared.

Tips No 2:- Make a Quiet Place:

  • Play in a quiet area. Dim lights or darkness is best for focusing.

Tips No 3:- Get Comfortable and Focus:

  • The player lies down, closes their eyes, and the guide gently rubs their temples to help them relax.

Tips No 4:- Chant to Start:

  • The guide quietly repeats “Red door, yellow door, any other color door” to help the player start imagining the doors.

Tips No 5:- See and Describe Doors:

  • When the player sees doors, the guide asks them to describe the doors and what’s behind them.

Tips No 6:- Stay Safe:

  • If the player feels scared or sees something worrying, like a man in a suit or an elderly woman, the guide should stop the game right away.

Tips No 7:- End the Game Carefully:

  • To end, the guide counts down from five and tells the player to open their eyes slowly. Make sure the player feels okay before getting up.

Red Door Yellow Door Game Overview

The game requires at least two players: one acting as the guide and the other, the subject, who will be led into a trance like state.

Red Door Yellow Door

The guide assists the subject in visualizing a corridor with numerous doors, each varying in color and appearance. The subject then explores these doors, describing their observations while the guide directs the journey with questions.

key rules and advice for playing “Red Door Yellow Door”:

  • Stay Away from Characters: If you see a man in a suit or an elderly woman while playing, it’s best to avoid them. They’re often seen as bad signs in the game.
  • Be Careful of Scary Rooms: Watch out for rooms with lots of clocks or the sound of rushing water. These rooms can be dangerous in the game.
  • Guide’s Responsibility: The guide needs to pay close attention and be ready to help the player come out of the trance if they start to look or feel upset.

Enjoy Red Door Yellow Door

  • Quiet and Dark Room: Play in a quiet, dark place to help get into the game’s mood.
  • Good Storytelling Guide: If you’re guiding, be good at telling stories. This makes the game more exciting.
  • Relax and Imagine: If you’re playing, relax and let your imagination go with the story.
  • Trust and Be Safe: Make sure both the guide and player trust each other. The player should feel safe and be able to stop if they need to.
  • Talk About It After: After playing, talk about what happened. This helps understand and enjoy the game more.

Paranormal Perspectives

Some players and enthusiasts believe that the game taps into the subconscious mind, possibly revealing hidden fears or thoughts. There are theories suggesting that the game could potentially awaken dark or evil aspects of the psyche. However, these beliefs are largely speculative and often rooted in the game’s eerie and mysterious nature.

Psychological Views

From a psychological standpoint, Red Door Yellow Door may be seen as a form of guided meditation or a hypnosis like experience. This aligns with the idea that the game allows players to delve into their subconscious. However, it’s important to note that the effects of such games on the human mind are not scientifically proven and should be approached with caution.

Safety and Precautions

Given the game’s nature, it’s crucial to approach it responsibly. Players with mental health concerns or susceptibilities should avoid the game, as it could potentially trigger negative psychological effects. The game should always be played in a safe and controlled environment, ensuring that the guide is attentive and ready to intervene if necessary.


Red Door Yellow Door is a fascinating blend of psychological exploration and supernatural intrigue. While it offers an interesting way to explore the human mind’s mysteries, it’s essential to play it with an understanding of its unproven and potentially unsettling nature.

As with any game delving into the unknown aspects of the psyche, it should be approached with caution, awareness, and respect for the mental and emotional well being of all participants.

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