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Pretty! 60 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World That You Have Never Seen Before

What tickles your mind first at the word beautiful that is Flowers’. Flowers are beautiful creations of nature having unique features. Flowers have their own language they are the simplest way to express our feelings to someone. Each flower expresses different sentiments with their own traits.

A beautiful quote aforesaid by Henery BeecherFlowers are the sweetest things God ever made and forgot to put a soul into”.

Flowers are darling to poets and even when we see beautiful flowers anywhere they refresh our mind and tempt soothing to eyes, soul, and heart. Flowers are part of different occasions of life, each flower befits different occasion like birthday, anniversary, promotion ceremonies, weddings, and funerals.

In ancient times different meanings were assigned to discrete flowers to send coded messages or to express any feelings, this enactment was called Floriography which is still being alive. Mainly used by youngsters to express their love and affection to their beloved ones. Or to express condolence at funerals or greeting good lucks at weddings & ceremonies.

1. Flying Duck Orchid

The Flying Duck Orchid is also known as Caleana Major. The flower is native to Eastern and Southern Australia. For the pollination, process flower attracts insects such as male sawflies. The attractive flower exhibits the shape of duck in a beautiful stance that captivates human glance.

2. Naked Man Orchid

Naked Man Orchid or Italian Orchid is scientifically known as Orchis Italica. The flowers are commonly found in Mediterarian, requires partial shade and low nutrient soil. Flowers grow in dense clusters in the bright pink shade, each flower mimics the general shape of a naked man.

3. Fuchsia

Fuchsia is a genus of flowering plants that belongs to family Onagraceae. The flower is native to Carrebian Islands. Fuchsia is captivating, exotic flower with striking tow tone color. The beautiful flower can enhance the beauty of your garden with its alluring, delicate beauty.

4. Geranium

Geranium is a genus of 422 species, and commonly known as Cranesbills. The flowers are mostly found in temperate regions of the Eastern part of Mediterrain region. Each flower has five petals and long, cleft leaves are circular in form. The flower is found in distinctive colors like white, pink, purple or blue.

5. Lantana

The herbaceous Lantanas are aromatic flowers found in a cluster of pink-red & yellow or any other combination. When flowers get matured they change their color resulting in an inflorescence that is two or three colored. Lantanas are the genus of about 150 species possessed by family Verbena. The flower also has medicinal qualities. The flower belongs to tropical regions of America symbolizing rigor.

6. Begonia

In cooler regions, Begonia is normally grown in shade or inside the house & are considered as ornamental houseplants but some species are cultivated outside in summers to get bright colorful flowers. These flowers have large sepals but no petals. Begonia is native to moist tropical and subtropical climates. Begonia is fifth largest angiosperm genus belonging to family Begoniaceae. Begonia symbolizes harmonious communication between friends and family members.

7. Lobelia

The beautiful blue lobelia has medicinal values for curing asthma, whooping cough and easing strong contractions during labor. Lobelia is native to North America & belongs to family Campanulaceae. The eye-catching flower, when presented to someone, symbolizes attracting love.

8. Kadupul Flower

Kadupul flower or the Queen of The Night is the species of cactus belonging to family Cactaceae and genus Epiphyllum. The beautiful white-yellow colored flower has religious believes attached to it, as it is offered in praying to Lord Brahma for fulfilling wishes. The astonishing flower in India is famous by the name Braham Kamalam. This rare flower is found mainly in Sri Lanka where it is called by the name Flower From The Heaven or The Kadupul Mal. 

9. Campion

The small mountain-dwelling wildflower is also known as Moss Campion or Cushion Pink. The flower is common to mountains of Eurasia and North America. The light pink color of flower conveys the message of love and affection.

10. Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchid is the common name of Epipogium aphyllum related to family Orchidaceae. The beautiful ghosts are native to Florida, Bahamas, and Cuba. The matured plant has chord like green roots, reduced stems and leaves are reduced to scales. The beautiful ghosts symbolize the sweetness of life. The other common names of the Ghost Orchid are Palm Polly or White Frog Orchid.  

11. Parrots Beak

Parrot Beak is the common name of Lotus Berthelotii of gnus Lotus, other common names are Lotus Vine Flower, Pelican Beak, and Coral Gem. The flower leaflets are orange-red to red in color. These flowers in the Canary Islands are adopted fort bird pollination. The ornamental lobster-claw like flowers are in contrasting shades of bright yellow, orange, and red.

12. Youtan Poluo

This parasitic tiny flower is a miracle found growing on aroid palm leaf. The Youtan Poluo is known to emit mild sandalwood like fragrance. The prodigy flower is found in Asia, basically, it grows on palm leaves having small tender stems upholding ting white pearl-like flowers.

13. Cypripedium

Cypripedium is commonly known as lady’s slipper orchid, it is the genus of 58 species. The species is widespread in Northern Hemisphere including Europe. The inflorescence of the plant can carry one to twelve flowers, but maximum species have one to three flowers. Each flower has three acute petals with three sepals that flip over the flower. The beautiful white flower with dark pink dots attracts pollinators.

14. Corpse Flower

The name of the flower is corpse flower due to its odor that smells like rotting corpse or carcass. The scientific name of the flower is Amorphophallus Titanum, the flowering plant is the largest unbranched inflorescence. It is also known as Titan Arum which is characterized as Carrion Flower and attributed to the genus of Rafflesia.

15. Jade Vine

The turquoise colored jade vine is also commonly known as Emerald Vine. The shape of the petals is like beans and is closely related to kidney beans and runner beans. Each flower has three leaflets in a claw shape. The color of flower varies from blue-green to mint green. Strongylodon macrobotrys is the scientific name of jade vine flower, the flowers are in cluster form hanging downwards these are pollinated by birds and bats.

16. Middlemist Red

The beautiful heart throbbing flower is the rarest Middlemist Red camellia flower. The flower comes in deep pink color and looks like a rose. The flower originated in China but now exist found only in two locations: a greenhouse in UK and gardens in Newzealand. The flower gifted to loved ones symbolizes ” How radiantly lovely you are?“. The beautiful rose-like flowers continue to thrive and produce abundant blooms each year.

17. Water Hawthorn

Water Hawthorn is a wonderful addition to water gardens. The flower blooms from a small bulb, the flowering plant has long narrow leaves floating on the surface of the water. The species is native to South Africa. The flowers thrive in winters and go completely dormant in summers due to their features of existing in cool climates. The small white, vanilla scented flowers bloom in late winters until early spring.

18. Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth plays a great role in drinking water treatment plant as it is used in the pretreatment of water during the purification process. Its scientific name is Eichhornia crassipes. This aquatic plant is largely native to Amazon Basin. The perennial aquatic flower is light purple in shade surrounded by large green leaves that float on the surface of the water.

19. Roses

The woody perennial flowering plant belongs to genus Rosa. There are available in hundreds of species, the showy flowers are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors ranging from white to red & yellow. The delicate flowers bear 6-7 petals, tender leaves and stem often armed with sharp prickles. The rose is a symbol of balance and expresses promise, hope, and new beginnings. Each color of rose conveys its own sensations like pink conveys happiness and admiration, yellow creates warm feelings, white flower represents innocence and purity also known as bridal rose, red roses are hallmark of love,

20. Gardenia

Gardenias are creamy-white flowers with glossy dark green leaves. Gardenias are solitary flowers with pleasant and sweet fragrance. These are often used for ornamenting wedding bouquets, symbolizing purity love and refinement. Gardenias are the best choice for wedding occasions. Gardenia is a flowering plant native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa, and Pacific Islands. The exotic flowers are used in perfumery industry and making scents.

21. Lotus

22. Sweet Pea

23. Ranunculus

24. Peony

25. Dactylorhiza

26. Dahlia 

27. Geum Urbanum

28. Iris

29. Orchidea

30. Orquideas Raras

31. Rafflesia

32. Strap Beard Orchid

33. Swaddled Baby Orchid

34. Hydrangea

35. Lilly Of The Valley

36. Calla Lily

37. Wisteria

38. Frangipani

39. Sweet Alyssum

40. Four O’Clock

41. Jasmine

42. Black Bat Flower

43. Happy Alien Flower

44. White Egret Orchid

45. Dancing Lady Orchid

46. Hookers Lip Flower

47. Laughing Bumblebee Orchid 

48. Apple Blossom

49. Lilac 

50. Magnolia

51. Lavender

52. Statice 

53. Protea Flower

54. Poinsettia

55. Snapdragon

56. Lisianthus

57. Delphinium

58. Bourvardia 

59. Bird Of Paradise

60. Alstroemeria

Flowers are used to indicating Zest for life. The presence of flowers in any occasion makes the environment pleasant, soothing and beautiful. flowers are a soul of leaving a happy and healthy life.

Hope you would be amazed at visualizing these flabbergast flowers and would like to have some in your gardens too! Do leave a comment if you loved these collections! 

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