MTV Warrior High Season 2-Expected Date, Story And New Cast

MTV show Warrior High is aimed at a young audience. Warrior High is youth based school show which attracted new generation is broadcasted on MTV which is youth based channel. MTV Show Warrior High Season 2- Story , Cast

The story revolved around the students of Warrior high. Warrior high is the boarding school in Dehradun. The story is based on the relationship and friends that they make at Warrior High. In Warrior High rich and orphan both type of students manage with each other.

Overall story of Warrior High is very much liked by youth generation. But well all of the sudden the season ended with the girls and boys returning back to their home.

Warrior High


Warrior High

MTV Show Warrior High Season 2 Coming Soon With New Story And New Cast

Hey guys you glad to know that your favorite show Warrior High is coming back with its new season 2.As per the producer of Warrior High, Vikas Gupta “it is not an end but the beginning of the new season. I am glad with the success of warrior high has gained from season 1.”speaking about the season 2, Producer says that there will be a gap between both the seasons of Warrior High.We will back with new season with more drama and fun.Warrior High Season 2 will start at the occasion of Halloween.

warrior high season 2

MTV Show Warrior High Season 2 Star Cast

Warrior High Season2 will back with the lead actors who followed the season 1 as well

  • Suhasini Mulay As Anvesha Rajput
  • Anupriya Kapoor As Veebha Anand
  • Laksh Lalwani As Parth Samthaan
  • Anshuman Malhotra As Utkarsh Rajput
  • Juhi Aslam As Neeti Awasthi
  • Sanaya Pithawalla As Siyali Rajput
  • Ashwini Kaul As Siddharth Rajput


Warrior High Season 2 Expected Date

The date of Warrior High Season 2 is yet to be finalized. It is expected that it will back on the occasion of Halloween. The show will be back soon after the break between seasons. Once the shooting will be done show will be hit on the TV Screen.Till now guys hold your breath and wait for the season 2.

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  2. waiting for it .. just watched season 1 on voot once again.. everytime i watch the chemistry of all the warriors i fell for them. and my favourite veebha and parth <3 can't wait for season 2 !!! excited !! *_*

  3. Waiting for Warrior High season 2:…to come soon.(dying to see Sid and Siyali).
    Please….season 2 start really soon..???

  4. Pls start you show soon and do not change the cast play in the show and make all confusion clear in the story
    Bye all the best I will be waiting for you season 2
    My name is Sachin

  5. dying to see sidyali (sid+siyali)plz release it asap cuz thn I wll be off the country..might not b able to watch it thn..plz???

  6. When they are going to show season 2 ?
    Its been 2 yrs now that season 1 ended .
    If they were not interested to show season 2 then why the hell they didnt end it well?
    Why all the misunderstanding????

  7. Please bring season 2. Curious for hidden secrets. Please please please dyeing to see sidyali. 2 years passed. Now toh start please. I am a big fan. And please don’t change the cast. And finally will it start in2017

  8. Can’t wait any more because want to know about sid , siyali, and Utkarsh relationship with each other ???and can’t wait to know that is Siyali Utkarsh’s bestiee or Sid and Utkarsh’s sister that is are the 3of siblings

  9. I am getting to impaitent watch the season 2 … Plzzz forcast it fast ….. I wanna see the chemstry of lovebirds …… There fights there frndshp … Plzzz come back soon

  10. It’s been very long season 1 overed … if really u guys are shooting for season 2 how long will it take … Pls pls.. continue the story further u ended season 1 at a very crucial turn .. so pls.. we are eagerly waiting for the next .. ??

  11. i m waiting same warrior to back the show is dam intresting so pls come back as soos as possible
    day by day we geting tensed to see u pepole

  12. Pls guys, we are waiting for warrior high for a very long time..Pls pls pls air this show on MTV ..We hope it will air on the TV soon

  13. Pls pls mtv ….pls start warrior high season 2 …many fans are waiting for warrior high…pls for how years should we wait…..I watched it season 1 for 6 times pls yar …start new season….eagerly waiting…,its 2018 now when will you be back

  14. Plz start the season 2 of warrior high . Many fans of this show is waiting it’s been more than 2 years of going the show off air at least revel the date of release of season 2.

  15. When the next season come. .??I am getting bored without this show. .I am big fan of u all..I can’t wait..please start the next season..atleast tell me the date when the next season of warrior high start..I wants to know what happened to uthkarsh..siyali..sidarth..krejaan..’parth. .vibha..neeti..cherly..and Angela. .I am a big fan of u all..


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