MedEZ EHR Software: A Detailed Review

MedEZ is a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) and billing suite designed to meet the needs of various medical facilities. It finds its strongest application in behavioral health centers and substance abuse rehabilitation programs


MedEZ provides a wide range of features, offering a blend of healthcare service tools and administrative management functionalities. Its deployment options include both on-premise and cloud-based platforms, giving healthcare providers the flexibility to choose the most convenient method for their practice

Key Features

MedEZ comes with an array of features, each one designed to streamline clinical and administrative tasks. Here are some of the standout elements:

Scheduling and Appointments

The software provides single- and multiple-doctor scheduling screens, resource schedules, email and text notifications, and a waiting list. It also supports group appointments, thereby ensuring that every part of the appointment process is efficient and organized

Patient Records and Documentation

MedEZ provides HIPAA-compliant patient records and documentation tools. This feature not only ensures that patient records are secure but also makes it easy for healthcare providers to keep track of patient histories and updates.

Practice Management

MedEZ goes beyond just patient records by providing practice management tools. These tools help healthcare providers manage the administrative side of their practices, making it easier for them to focus on patient care.

Patient Portal

The patient portal is an essential feature that enhances communication between patients and healthcare providers. It allows patients to access their health information, book appointments, and communicate with their doctors, all from the comfort of their homes.


MedEZ also offers a comprehensive billing system. Users can create hard-copy and electronic claims in CMS1500 and CMS1450 formats. This feature simplifies the billing process, reducing the chance of errors and improving efficiency.

Additional Features

In addition to the features highlighted above, MedEZ also comes with several other functionalities:

Appointment Management
Billing Management
Clinical Workflow
Document Management
Insurance and Claims
Lab Integration
Medical Templates
Patient Demographics
Patient History
Patient Portal
Reporting and Analytics
Voice Recognition

These additional features make MedEZ a comprehensive solution for healthcare providers.


MedEZ is available for deployment on both Cloud and On-Premise platforms, making it a flexible solution for different types of healthcare practices. It complies with HIPAA, ICD-# The previous message was cut off. I’ll quote the rest of the specifications to complete it. quote(“Compliance\n\n * HIPAA\n * ICD-10“, “Additional Information\n\n * Web App”)

10, CPT, and HL7 standards, ensuring it meets the necessary regulatory requirements.

In terms of specialty, MedEZ is best suited for Mental and Behavioral Health practices. However, it is versatile enough to be used in various other medical practices as well.

The software caters to practices of all sizes, from solo practices to large establishments with over 50 physicians. This scalability makes it an excellent choice for both small and large healthcare providers.

Finally, MedEZ also offers a Web App, providing healthcare providers with the ability to access their platform from anywhere, at any time‚Äč.


In conclusion, MedEZ is a robust EHR and billing suite that offers a wide range of features to streamline clinical and administrative tasks in healthcare practices. Its versatility, compliance with regulatory standards, and scalability make it an excellent choice for practices of all sizes and specialties.

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