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How The Position of the Planets Influence Your Astrology Psychic Reading

The positions of planets on your birth chart informs psychic readings based on astrology. Psychics who specialize in astrology also interpret aspects, or the relationship between planetary placements on your natal chart. Learn more about the roles of the sun, moon and other planets in astrology psychic readings.

The Sun Represents Your Personality Traits

The placement of the sun on your birth chart indicates your sun sign. The sun on your birth chart is generally associated with your ego and conscious personality. Most horoscopes are written with sun signs in mind.

Many western birth charts are drawn as 360 degree wheels divided into twelve 30 degree sections, which are called houses. Zodiac signs roughly correspond to the months of the year, and each sign has 30 degrees. 

The sign and degree of the sun on the date and time in the location where you were born can shed more light on how you personify sun sign traits. The situation of the moon and other planets can modify the traits associated with your sun sign.

The Moon Represents Your Inner Self

The location of the moon on your birth chart adds nuance and perspective to sun sign astrology. In addition to the sign in which the moon appears, your birth chart also offers insight based on the house in which the moon is situated. Your moon sign reflects your inner self and can reveal your emotions, desires and secret motives, of which even you may not be aware.

An astrology psychic reading is likely to reference your sun, moon and ascendent or rising signs. The so-called “big three placements” offer a more complete picture of your personality and the direction of your life path than your sun sign alone. 

Astrologers will refer to your birth chart during readings, and readers who use tools may also provide live psychic readings using crystals & rocks online. Certain crystals correspond to zodiac signs and planets and can be useful for clarifying insights during readings.

The Planets Reveal Your Life Path

For the purposes of astrology, there are eight planets, including Pluto. Your birth chart is calculated from the perspective of Earth. The placement of the inner and outer planets on your chart provides more specific details about the development of your identity over the course of your lifetime. 

You can use a free online tool to calculate your birth chart, but birth charts are difficult to read without studying astrology. Understanding the astrological significance of the sun, moon and other planets can help you get more out of readings. In addition to referencing your birth chart, you can also gain insight from readers who provide tarot card or interactive oracle card readings online

Connecting with psychics who specialize in astrology is the best way to gain a deeper understanding of the significance of the placement of planets on your birth chart. Provide the date, time and location of your birth to learn about your birth chart and how planetary placements continue to be aspected by transits.

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