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Gujarati Wedding Functions Rituals And Marriage Traditions

The wedding is a most beautiful occasion in everyone’s life. Gujarati Wedding Functions are the best examples of glory and glamor in Indian weddings. Wedding Functions also consist of rituals, traditions, and customs. Here are Wedding Functions Customs and Rituals Series In Gujarati Weddings.

An environment in this culture is very Happening, lively and Exciting. Gujarati People are famous for enjoying the wedding function with great excitement. Weddings are very colorful and sparkling and to maintain these marriage, you must try out marriage counseling from experts.

Therefore, performs here we are sharing some Gujarati Indian Wedding Ceremonies and Customs, Marriage Traditions In Gujarat.

gujarati wedding style Gujarati Pre Wedding Ceremony And Rituals

Gujarati Pre Wedding Ceremony is the important part of the entire events in a marriage. As the entire atmosphere is full of happiness so both the groom’s and bride’s family individually perform their rituals and customs. Therefore, here we are sharing Gujarati Pre Wedding Rituals and Ceremony.

1. Engagement Ceremony (Sagaai)

In Engagement Ceremony both the families (bride and groom) promise to maintain the relationship. Bride visits with Maatli(a type of container with full of sweets and gifts) as good luck. A short function is also held where sweets and food is served to the guest.

colourful and rich gujarati wedding traditions2. Mandap Muhurat

This is performed before few days of marriage. Pandit performs this pooja at the bride and groom’s place. Both families pray to Lord Ganesha for the good fortune of bride and grooms.

gujarati wedding rituals

3. Girah Shanti

This pooja is also done by the “Pandit” and date and time of the wedding is also decided by matching the “Kundli” of the TO BE Bride and Broom. Pandit performs this pooja for happy married life of the couple.

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grand gujarati wedding4. Garba

The “Garba” function generally held on the night just before the wedding. This is the traditional dance of Gujarati’s and here it is performed by the family members. This ceremony gives a chance to both the families to meet and know each other very well.

gujarati wedding customs

5. Pithi

This ceremony is held by the bride and groom’s family at their respective places, a day before the wedding. Relatives and friends are invited on this day.

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Yellow Haldi Powder is applied on the bride and groom’s body by all the relatives, friends and all women in the family. The paste gives bride and grooms a natural glow and healthy skin.

gujarati pooja vidhiWedding Ceremony

6. Barat

On the wedding day, Groom arrives on the horse at the wedding place with their family, relatives, and friends. Members and friends enjoy and dance in surrounding on the traditional music. Baraat gathers together and everybody dances in celebration.

wedding customs and ritual in gujarati wedding

7. Welcoming The Groom (Ponkhana)

It is the official start of the gujarati wedding. Groom is welcomed by the bride’s family where brides mother performs aarti and willfully try to grab his nose.

gujarati wedding ceremony 8. Ganesh Pooja

After the groom is welcomed to the mandap the ceremonies start with the prayer of Lord Ganesha who is known as Aaradhya Dev(God of health, wealth, and happiness).

real wedding of gujarati9. Maduparkha

A custom in the gujarati wedding where brides father washes groom’s feet with honey and milk. At this time that the bride’s sisters (saalis) will try to steal the groom’s shoes. If his shoes are stolen, then he must offer the bride’s sisters money in order to get back them.

traditional gujarati patel hindu wedding10. Bride’s Arrival (Kanya Aagman)

The brides arrive with her mama on mandap. When she comes on the mandap there is a curtain between bride and groom which separates them from each other.

sacred rituals of a gujarati weddings
11. Jaimala

After the arrival of the bride, the couple exchange garland in the presence of the priest. Then the priest begins the ceremony by saying mangalashtak. All relatives claps and enjoys the ceremony.

hindu gujarati wedding12. Kanya Dan

Custom is that parents give their daughter to the groom. Parents give away their daughter by keeping her hand on the groom’s hand and saying to the groom live happy with lots blessings.

wedding in gujarati13. Hasta Milap

Hasta Milap is a ritual in which the scarf wore by the groom tied to the scarf of bride this is known as the meeting of the soul. Flowers and rice grains spread on them during this ceremony.

ritual and ceremony in gujarati marriage

14. Mangal Pheras

In Gujarati Wedding phera’s are not taken in seven times. It is taken only four times. Brother of a bride is asked to put some rice on the hands of bride and groom and pour it in hawan. This ritual is called ‘Mangal Pheras ‘.gujarati wedding indian wedding rituals15. Sapta padi

In this ritual groom held the bride to touch seven betel nuts with her right toe by chanting seven mantras in which the request for support from his wife in ups and down in life.

gujarati brahmin wedding16. Sindoor Daan

Groom puts red power on brides head and ties Mangala sutra around her neck. It symbolizes that she is married and belongs to him.

post wedding gujarati rituals and customs17. Kansar

The bride and groom feed sweets to each other after all rituals have been done.

gujarati wedding function18. Akhandya Sobhagyawati bhava

In this ritual any seven women are called to gives blessings to the newly married couple.

gujarati marriage function 19. Ashirwad

The newlyweds take blessing from elders by touching their feet.

ceremony in gujarati wedding

Post Wedding Function

20. Vidaai

Vidaai is a bela or time when the bride is bid a tearful farewell by her family.

gujarati marriage traditions

21. Ghar Ki Laxmi

The bride is welcome in her new home as a Laxmi, who will bring prosperity and happiness in their house. The bride is asked to knock down a vessel filled with rice with her right foot. This ritual is known as Ghar nu Laxmi Pravesh. pre wedding gujarati rituals

Hope you all like these images and enjoying the Gujarati Wedding Functions and know more about the Culture, rituals, and customs of Gujarati Wedding.