Best Thrillers For Family Night

A little chill harmed no one!

As you know, there are a lot of options to watch any type of movie or series on Netflix. To stream is what people can do these days –with ease. Movies are a pass time people want whenever the cozy movie nights hit whether with friends or family. You can stream, watch content on-demand, and have cable TV at your disposal too –why? So, on a Saturday night, you make a movie plan but that Premier League matches are on too. With a quality cable and internet provider, you can do both. You can stream or ask for the movies on demand and watch live cable TV, we would recommend going for the Xfinity channel lineup for multi-purposes. If you have multiple screens, even better, you can do all three with a single provider and most providers offer bundling options making it affordable and manageable.

Read on to get the deets of the best thriller movies to go for when your Saturday night plan is in action. There are dozens of thriller movies and series you can watch, some of them are stated below. Take your pick!

When people want to watch movies or series with their family or friends, the suspense and thrilling scenes take the environment into a frenzy and we all love a little chill with goosebumps on top.

Let’s discuss some best thrillers to watch on Netflix.

Michael Clayton

This movie was released in the year 2007. The movie summarizes that, while representing a corrupt chemical corporation in a multi-billion dollar legal suit, Michael Clayton’s law firm’s finest litigators suffer a breakdown. Michael Clayton was known as the problem solver, so he was called to clean up the mess. This movie is for those people who don’t like scary thrillers.

Under The Shadow

When a missile hit the building of Shideh during the Iran-Iraq war, an unfounded neighbor told her that missile is cursed and middle-eastern evil spirits might be inside that missile. Shideh started to think that some supernatural force has come to possess her daughter Dorsa. To save her daughter and herself, there was no other choice left except to challenge those supernatural forces.


This movie was released in the year 2016 and it is very thrilling to watch. In this movie, a deaf woman who was a writer took off to live in the woods. There she wanted to live an unaccompanied life. After a few days of living there, a masked killer came to her window and wanted to kill her. She had to fight for her life in silence.


Seven is an old thriller movie that is worth watching. This movie is about two detectives who were working on their final case. They discovered that a great number of grisly murders were happening. After working on this case they discovered that they are dealing with a serial killer. The serial killer targeted those people he thought were representing one of the seven deadly sins. The wife of the newly transferred detective was pregnant. She was afraid to give birth in the crime-riddled city. This movie is best for those people who are more into murdering stories.

Bird Box

Bird Box was released in 2019 and it is known as the best thriller movie. The story of this movie is about a mysterious force that wipes out the population. Only one thing was sure, if you look at it you die. The people, who survived, had to make sure that they don’t look at it. That mysterious thing took the form of people’s worst fear if they looked at it. The woman and her children took off on a dangerous trip through the river and woods in search of shelter.

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They had to keep their eyes blindfolded, so they can complete their journey without dying.

In The Shadow of the Moon

A police officer in 1998 who was determined to become a detective started pursuing a serial killer who reappeared every nine years. However, as the killer’s action defies all logical explanations, the officer’s craze threatens to demolish everything.

The Weekend Away

The woman got the lead of her best friend who vanished during a girl’s trip to Croatia. But despite that, each clue gave to another confusing deception. This is a good thriller movie to watch with your friends.

Hell or High Water

This movie is about a father who was divorced and wanted to make a better life for his son. He planned a heist with his brother who was an ex-convict and had a bad temper, so they can fulfill their needs. Cops predicted the heist and went after both of them. The heist failed because of the cops, which made the brothers angry.

Ending Point

Thrilling movies are fun to watch. Whether you stream or get on-demand. However, Netflix provides a huge range of thrillers. The best thrillers become trending on Netflix, which makes them easy for you to find. We have discussed the best thrillers on Netflix in this article so you do not miss them out.

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