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AgilityOM EHR Software: A Detailed Review

AgilityOM is a comprehensive cloud Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution specifically designed for hospital-based and independent occupational medicine providers​1​. Designed with a business-centric approach, it focuses on giving healthcare functionality to employers, thereby overcoming significant operational, compliance, and growth challenges in their occupational medicine programs​1​.

Key Features

AgilityOM offers a myriad of features to streamline the management of occupational medicine activities. Some of the key features include:

Appointment Management Billing Management Clinical Workflow
Document Management EM Coding Insurance and Claims
Lab Integration Medical Templates Patient Demographics
Patient History Patient Portal Referrals
Reporting and Analytics Scheduling e-Prescription

With these features, it becomes much easier for providers to manage compliance, invoicing, scheduling, and varying billing fee schedules. The software also has the capacity to electronically submit workers’ compensation forms via a secure portal, and produce a Workers’ Comp Case Statement if litigation arises. An intuitive whiteboard feature offers real-time monitoring of patient location and status, and users can send medical records via email or secure portal​1​.

Delivery Platform and Compliance

AgilityOM is available as both a cloud-based and an on-premise solution, which provides flexibility for different practice needs. It also supports a web app for multi-office practices​1​.

In terms of compliance, AgilityOM is aligned with several key healthcare standards, including HIPAA, ICD-10, CPT, and HL7, ensuring that your practice remains compliant while using this EHR​1​.

Specialty and Practice Size

AgilityOM is specialized for Occupational Medicine and Urgent Care settings. Whether you are a solo practice, a practice with 1-10 physicians, 11-50 physicians, or even a practice with over 50 physicians, AgilityOM is designed to meet your needs​1​.

Support and Training

Net Health, the company behind AgilityOM, provides robust client support. This includes pre-implementation planning, on-site training, continuing education, and dedicated support five days a week for twelve hours a day. This level of support ensures that users can get the help they need when they need it, helping practices to get the most out of the software​1​.


AgilityOM is a comprehensive and business-centric EHR solution that brings significant benefits to occupational medicine providers. Its multitude of features, flexible delivery platform, compliance with key healthcare standards, and robust support make it an excellent choice for practices of all sizes. By focusing on the specific needs of occupational medicine, AgilityOM provides an EHR that can truly meet the needs of this specialty.

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