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40 Most Stunning Highlights For Dark Brown Hair – Trends To Try For 2018

Grappling with your thoughts to get your look changed the easiest way is to change your hairstyle. You can change the style of your hairs either chopping them to some new cut or by dipping them in some colors. Highlights can do much for you by just adding a pop of color to your tresses you can get desired trendy look.

Strategic highlighting may subtly spruce up your locks to create a little tricky sun-kissed look by adding dimensions and volume to the appearance of your hairs. Some of the stunning hair color trends never die out like blonde or rich auburn are some of them. The subtle highlights work marvelously to create a monochromatic yet multi-tonal look that enhances her skin’s gorgeous glow.

There are wide variations of the dip-dyed look of ombres from Burgundy, caramel, denim blue, electric blue to all in one rainbow fusion. The colors are smudged lighter on the crown and heavier on tips and the transition is truly seamless.

Here we have encapsulated 40 amazing highlighting versions to get a look at attractive sirens, you would surely love to wear them all one after one to frequently change you looking style and personality.

1. Stunning Mermaid Grunge

dark brown hair with light brown highlights

From the vivid hues to flawless blending the opinion of mermaid style is unique and the best thing happens to hair coloring. The dark brown roots have been expertly blended out to mesmerizing shades of mermaid locks. These beautiful locks give a seamless transition if, you love the mermaid colors there is no way you won’t fall head over heels with this style.

2. Rainbow Peekaboo Dream

dark brown hair with light brown highlights

Succulents are having an unexpected hair moment to reveal their colorful personality. Put on a complete set of metallic rainbow shades build the color piece-by-piece from the base-up on your pretty locks to get into the cool desired look. This multi-toned look is cropping up all over the Instagram among the young chicks.

3. Burgundy Highlights

caramel highlights on light brown hair

Dark brown hairs with medium length are best to hit with burgundy highlights, and the regal ruby locks bring volume to your hairs. For a creative audacious look embodiment, the wavy curls with feminity of burgundy pops. The color is the bold popular choice for a dark natural base that perfectly melts to subtle the depth of your hairs. Burgundy is a great choice for every woman either with big textured hair or thick straight or wavy hair.

4. Peanut Butter And Jelly Highlights

caramel highlights on light brown hair

Want to keep your hairs natural but still want something fun featuring go for this clever two-tone look, the golden blonde inspired by the color of peanut butter and shades of purple to evoke jelly-like appearance.

5. Butterbeer Shimmer

caramel highlights on light brown hair

Young muggles are now adopting new hair color trends and their taste of adopting the new fashion is frequent, they love to adopt a new blend of hair color inspired by Butterbeer. The basic shade of Butterbeer is caramel infused with few notches of bright yellow and orange tones or highlights.

6. Rose Gold Highlights

caramel highlights on light brown hair

The radiant rose gold shade is a pretty ethereal tone of pink-tinted blonde that’s being loved by celebrities to wear. If you are a net surfing worm you will surely come across a rose gold trend that everyone is smitten with. The beautiful pink tint adds a bit of brightness and feminine touch to the monochrome of dark tangles.

7. Millenial Pink Highlightscaramel highlights on light brown hair

“Millennial Pink” is technically a pink with blue hues taken out of it and is a softer muted version of Rose Gold with a peachy blush just muted enough. While you take over your look with Millenial Pink tone do not forget to hydrate your color-treated curls by using the mask or shea moisture. The expensive looking pinky pink design works well on blondes or pre-lightened hairs.

8. Shadow Roots With Highlights

dark brown hair with caramel highlights

From the numerous hair, color trends hair highlighting technique is popping up in saloons at a rapid pace. For a natural, low-maintenance look shadow-root is a great option just tap the color at the roots to blend naturally with the highlights. Tone the root, a shade darker than the rest natural color of hairs, the dark roots could make us buckle at the knees.

9. Ocean Blue Ombre

dark brown hair with caramel highlights

If you love the peekaboo effect of playing with the colors, this ultra-feminine hairstyle would never go out of fashion. Want to add little drama to your hairs, try smearing colors on your hairs. The ocean blue color would work wonders, a pretty color punch with short and soft curls will give you an awesome appealing look.

10. Cool Ash Highlights

dark brown hair with caramel highlights

If you are not yet ready to embrace fully golden blonde strands, go for the highlights just a deeper ash blonde balayage style and leave the natural dark roots untouched to lend more volume to your hair look. This particular gradient look would create a shaded effect to surpass an ash blonde ombre.

11. Beige Highlights

dark brown hair with caramel highlights

To get a little variation in soft light shade of blonde would make your highlights special. The highlights would give more dramatic effect if the shade resembles the color of your skin. The soft curls approached with a freehand technique, these dark brown ringlets revived with beige blonde highlights would give dimensions without completely transforming your hair color.

12. Blonde Grey Highlights

dark brown hair with caramel highlights

Look and feel like totally Badass this edgy look root melt style is grounded by a solid inch of nearly dark-brown roots, this modern look is goals incarnate. This blonde and gray hybrid color is a transition of ash blonde-gray color towards the ends. Style this look in long textured waves to up its bold factor, dying your hair gray has become a popular trend especially among younger demographics.

13. Chestnut Ombre Hair Color

dark brown hair with caramel highlights

The warm dark-brown hairs with very subtle, natural looking highlights are perfect for women with warm and olive skin tones. The dark brown lowlights and chestnut are two favorite tones of brown blended into a style add depth and dimension to the style. This fashion is extremely smooth and warm to give you a hot chic look with soft tangled curls.

14. Subtle Mocha Highlights

medium brown hair with blonde highlights

When you are having a cool skin tone finding the right shade to patch up with your dark brown hairs for highlights is a little tricky task. This unusual blend is dynamic and works great for a coffee toned look by highlighting your dark brown hair with a warm mocha brown hue. To showcase the seamless glory of warm tones straightens out the tresses.

15. Rose Brown Highlights

medium brown hair with blonde highlights

To start the season with an updated look, desired to get floral or food-inspired highlights. Try adding glimmers of rosy tones in your style, this subtle rosy-brown highlight may be your best bet. To get your hairs look like a raven waterfall get this color done in ombre highlights. The pink tinted light brown highlights work beautifully to add brightness to dark brown hair.

16. Burnt Orange Highlights

medium brown hair with blonde highlights

The beautiful burnt orange color is a perfect blend of red with some chestnut brown shade. To get something subtle top this lighter orange tone at the tips of the soft curls, the dark brown natural hue toned to burnt orange burst till the end add a whimsical feel. Usually, orange highlighting may sound ridiculous but a muted shade highlights of burnt orange patched against dark brown hair give off a cute and quirky vibe.

17. Auburn Honey Blonde Balayage

medium brown hair with blonde highlights

Want your look to be little sexy and gentle, over that don’t want your complete tresses to shine in blonde color opt for this unique style. This warm-toned balayage is perfect for you to wear which starts off with a beautiful deep shade of auburn on the top that slowly melts down to honey blonde at the ends to create a gorgeous, heart throbbing hai look.

18. Sandy Blonde Highlights

medium brown hair with blonde highlights

You are the chick who loves to play with colors infused with some fun and floric and want some mischievous look surely you would love this sunkissed highlights to put on your hairs. This cool style recreates a feel and looks of beach sand that looks beautiful on a summer day. This menace added to your natural brown locks especially when done up with an ombre highlight style adds brightness and youthfulness to your appearance.

19. Creme Caramel Highlights.

medium brown hair with blonde highlights

Are you looking to add a few face-framing highlights, you can go for Creme Carmel the style is ideal for those with shoulder-length hair. It produces style and brilliant contrast with dark brown hairs no matter what your skin tone is. This effortless style plus the shoulder length cut hook up for a professionally looking highlights for a sun-kissed glow.

20. Dark Chocolate Highlights

medium brown hair with highlights

Though the style is single toned the multiple invisible layers of shade add depth tone and provides a smooth texture to the tresses. The perfect color that resembles hair dipped in chocolate and this one is the richest chocolate brown. This is the smooth and easiest hairstyle to wear and gives gorgeous look when paired with warm or olive skin tones.

21. Electric Blue Highlights

medium brown hair with highlights

For stunning princess look combined with some fun, dip the tips in dark electric blue leave the roots in the natural brown color. The style works well with sleek sophisticated or curly tresses chopped into layers. The lovely electric shade would totally transform your look, go at your hair simply ironing or for soft curls at the tips, it would give you the feel of royalty.

22. Red Ombre Highlights

medium brown hair with highlights

Being a redhead is a unique and extraordinary choice for a chic. Get your hair cut in shoulder length bob style and compliment it with some deep red highlights to add some depth and dimension to it. The bright red tint works well with dark brown hair tone blended seamlessly.

23. Lime Green Highlights

medium brown hair with highlights

Want to wear sexy mysterious look with something mischievous and funny done to your hairs. Go at your hairs with layers cut down in bob style to the neck-length, leave the roots of your natural color start with lime tint and end up with lime green fusion. See the magic you would get the look of bewitching sultry sirens, the style can be put up with any kind of skin tone.

24. Magenta And Bubble Gum Pink Confluence

medium brown hair with highlights

You are a person from a different world with uncommon thoughts, sometimes you have to show it with your appearance that you are idiosyncratic. You can achieve that with the confluence of magenta and bubble gum pink blended together seamlessly in these underneath highlights repercussed to totally funky and awesome hair look. To add youthful vibes to the look style the color look with soft curls.

25. Peach And Dusty Pink Highlights

dark brown hair with highlights

Inspired by the seasons there are tones of color tones to wear up, dusty blonde is inarguably the best canvas to paint on. These strands of peach blonde pastel pink expertly blended to create a beauty inspired by the autumn spell. The flawless creation merged with the dark brown mane to get a fabulous golden pink glow further adds dimensions to your look. The gorgeous color blend not only looks stunning but gives a hand painted effect resembling the natural scenic beauty of morning dusk, all you can say is beautiful!

26. Brown Hair With Silver Highlights

dark brown hair with highlights

Ombre is everywhere but chics are always finding a new style to reinvent the versatility in their look. Metalic highlights are always in trends, want to jump on the silver bandwagon can surely without giving a thought. This takes smearing sympathetic shade of silver through the mid-length of the hairs to the tips to create a stunning movement. The gray blend provoked with layer cut and soft bouncy curl tips give an appearance of more volume and mesmerizing look.

27. Walnut Brown Highlights

dark brown hair with highlights

Searching for an easy going style that’s subtle but stunning, plump for a new color melting technique from mid-length to the tips to create a multidimensional effect. The amazing walnut brown fusion with dark brown hairs gives a natural ombre, the shade seamlessly reflect the different tones of light appealing you a rich royal look.

28. Dark Mahogany With Cherry Highlights

dark brown hair with highlights

If you want to go dark with your hairs Mahogany is a rich vibrant color that sounds itself to be luxurious and exotic. The warm-toned shade put up on short smart bob starting from the roots on the top layers of natural dark brown hairs would lend you on the air of luxury and sophistication. The style results in a brightened, yet natural lived-in appearance.

29. Maple Gold Highlights

dark brown hair with highlights

Choosing the latest trend in highlighting for brown hair could be more woodsy from chocolate to espresso a tint from that is tiger’s eye highlight. The shade that really commits to the goth style by forgoing the part for and undone style to repress the dullness of your hairs.

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The tone goes well with short dashing bob and can vary from maple syrup to red-brown and mesmerizingly done on brown hairs ooze like a smokey tiger-eye to give dramatic look.

30. Brown Hair With Bronze Highlights

dark brown hair with light brown highlights

Getting trendy with your hairs is always a lot of fun but the natural version that is best suited to your skin tone never goes out of fashion. Dark brown hairs with bronze highlights go with every shade of complexion, the natural plunge also keeps your hairs healthy and shiny appealing you a hot sexy chic.

31. Warm Toned Copper Highlights

dark brown hair with light brown highlights

A copper tint is inevitable and unavoidable distinctive highlight tone that requires care to maintain clarity. The brown-copper shade spread sparsely from roots to the ends on short mysterious curls. The face-framing highlights may create subtle balayage effect help you to achieve celebrity look compliments.

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32. Metalic Purple Hair Bayalage

dark brown hair with light brown highlights

When the weather dips in teens nothing better than cozying up, a metallic purple hue into a good book. A new trend that Popsugars among teenagers is plunging metallic purple tone on their short soft swirled locks. The youthful shade reminds of beautiful fragrant lavender flowers with haze on them sprinkled during the cold morning. The version gives you a look of a cute attractive mesmerizing mermaid.

33. Mulled Wine Highlights

dark brown hair with light brown highlights

It’s the era of mulled wine highlights not only the beauty bloggers love to choose it but its the favorite of many celebrities as of its peculiar shimmery shade. The version features wine tones along the bottom with deeper brown hues. The mulled color inspired by alcoholic beverage works the same when smeared on top of smooth silky short bob.

34. Rich Auburn And Caramel Highlights

dark brown hair with light brown highlights

Every Colleen wants to embody this bold look, these warm tone styles are killing ones. The Auburn look effortlessly blended with dark brown hairs create a perfect amount of warmth in the style. To plunge the Auburn style just go in for some thin highlights in a caramel shade on long loose locks to achieve the gorgeous look. Auburn style confluence with caramel highlights gives a sensual look but classy too.

35.  Midnight Blue Highlights

dark brown hair with light brown highlights

In order to look more stylish go for lighter and darker shades of dye, denim blue is the perfect blend, for, dark toned brown hairs. Start coloring your hairs from mid of the hair-length towards the end tips and concentrate the color more on the bottom. The two-toned warm look of the soft smooth curls offers shine and dimension all on its own.

36. Rainbow Roots

natural highlights for dark brown hair

When it comes to the matters of hairs sometimes it is better to go mischievous and merge all. Rather going for the full rainbow trend is just to die the roots and have it melt into the natural dark fringes, the style works well with dark tones of natural hairs cut short. Going wild for complete rainbow shade submerged in the roots appears the coolest way to wear unique look.

37. Auburn With Red Blonde Highlights

natural highlights for dark brown hair

Red blonde is one of the timeless hair colors that never go out of style, the tiger stripes are the most striking feature of this unique blend. The unique merging of the colors with auburn from roots to tips on dark brown hairs gives a natural finish of these tones. These contrasting shades, on curly short shoulder-length tresses, would give an amazing look.

38. Chocolate Mauve Hair

natural highlights for dark brown hair

Chocolate mauve shade would surely illuminate your complexion and revitalize your appearance. The color is a complex arrangement of several hair color tones that create a strong yet soft beautiful look. The warm color is not natural yet it seems professional.

39. Brown Sugar Highlights

natural highlights for dark brown hair

Ever trending tones are always coppery or autumnal, brown sugar is one of the peculiar tints from these. This shade breathes life into lighter skin tones and can be mingled with some other shades to patch up with other skin shades. The super sexy short bob infused with thin brown sugar tone highlights gives you a bold professional look.

40. Almond Brunette Highlights

natural highlights for dark brown hair

This shimmery shade of brown grows in popularity, the soft brown highlights placed strategically on fine sections of hairs can add texture and transform fine hairs. The shimmery color is plunged heavier to the back of the head that dramatically lights up your complexion. This customized hand-painted tone needs-extremely low- maintenance. This latest innovation stems from the contouring craze accentuates the shape of hair giving you a fairy look.

Hey! Now you have overviewed the variety of options to style your look with super-flattering shades that can be paired up with the different type of skin undertone. Let us know which one you are going to plump up first, don’t shy to share your pic with your new look! Waiting!

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