Top 20 + Latest Simple Kolam Designs With Dots Images

Top 20 + Latest Simple Kolam Designs With Dots Images

kolam designs for dewali

Beautiful Kolam Designs for Diwali

Kolam is the form of drawing that is drawn by using rice, floor, chalk powder or white rock powder often using naturally coloured powders in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Karela and some other places also. Kolam’s are the symbols of Prosperity of homes. A Kolam is a geometrical line drawing composed of curved loops, drawn around a grid pattern of dots. Kolams are regionally known by different names in India, Raangolee in Maharashtra, Aripan in Mithila, Hase and Rangoli in Kannada in Karnataka, Muggulu in Andhra Pradesh, Golam in Kerala etc.The decoration is not the main purpose of a Kolam.

The patterns range between geometric and mathematical line drawings around a matrix of dots to free form art work and closed shapes. It used to be a matter of pride to be able to draw large complicated patterns without lifting the hand off the floor or standing up in between.

In the kolam patterns, many designs are derived from magical motifs and abstract designs blended with philosophic and religious motifs which have been mingled together.Motifs may include fish, birds, and other animal images to symbolize the unity of man and beast. Also used are designs for the sun, moon and other zodiac symbols. Here we are sharing some Beautiful Kolam Designs for Diwali. So that you can make new kolam every day at your home.

Beautiful Latest Kolam Designs For Festivals

This is a beautiful Kolam design. Looking so pretty because of colour combinations and its also very simple kolam design for them who are already experts in kolam making.

beautiful kolam designs

Latest Kolam Designs Images

This is a very simple peacock kolam design for them who are beginners in this area. Kolam designs making is an art. Anyone can be expert in this art by just a little practice.

peacock kolam designs

Simple Peacock Kolam designs

Here is a Beautiful Kolam design for Diwali festival. Its boundary is made from the rice floor and middle peacock has made with coloured chalk powders. Combination of colours has importance in the kolam making.

latest rangoli designs

pongal kolam designs

Peacock Kolam Designs Wallpapers

Latest Kolam Designs for Diwali Festival

simple kolam designs with dots

Floral Kolam Designs Pulli 2015

This is a very Simple and Easy Kolam Designs. You can make this Kolam Design FreeHand and only rice flour is used to make this Kolam Pattern.
easy kolam designs

Simple and Easy Kolam Designs Pics for Kids

floral kolam images

Simple Colorful Kolam Designs for Deepawali

When there’s a special occasion at home, you will know how to add that dash of colour to your house. This simple Kolam design looks very vibrant with its beautiful colours. The red and the contrasting blue make it a colourful Kolam. The design too is quite simple. The contrasting colours of blue and red make this one a great choice for anyone. This one is apt for Diwali and will suit most occasions, for it is mostly flower patterned.

new kolam designs

Shubh Deepawali Kolam Design

This is a very simple Kolam Design. Who they are new in Kolam Making they can draw designs with the help of dots. Here we are also taking care of them. That’s why here we are sharing some Easy Simple Kolam Designs with Dots.

kolam designs with dots

Simple Kolam Designs With Dots

colored kolam designs

New Kolam Designs for Wedding 2015

Beautiful Deepawali Kolam Designs Images Photos

beautiful kolam designs

Attractive Kolam Designs Images

simple kolam deigns images

FreeHand Kolam Designs

This is beautiful Lord Ganesha Kolam Design. On some special occasions, you can make these God Ganesha Kolam Design at the entrance of your home.

ganesha kolam designs

Lord Ganesha Kolam Designs Pictures

kolam designs for deepawali

Amazing Kolam Designs Wallpapers

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Kolam Designs Pictures Collection

new mango kolam designs

Colourful Mango Kolam Designs

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Best Kolam Designs for Tamil

New Kolam Rangoli With Dots Designs Pictures

peacock kolam designs

Beautiful Peacock Kolam Designs

kolam designs with dots

Simple Kolam Designs for Beginners

tamil kolam designs

Latest Kolam Designs Pictures Gallary

Hopefully, you all like these Kolam Designs 2016and you will make these designs at your home.We will be back soon with more Kolam designs. Till then, do try these designs and let us know which ones you are planning to try soon!