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Sleeping Positions According To Vastu Shastra

In India most of the people believes in vastu shastra. And it’s my personal experience that if they follow these facts in real life then really they get stress free life. Here are Best Sleeping Positions And Directions Tips According To Vastu. Even few people follow Vastu Shastra Tips in every new work they start.

Here, today we have also come up with one of the Concepts of vastu shastra that general people have doubt. Its, our sleeping positions. We spend 1/3rd part of our life in sleeping. So, why we are not seriously about this 1/3rd part of life. When we sleep we have to take care about in which direction we are sleeping? According to vastu we are sleeping in right direction or not.

Some directions in which we are sleeping they can effect is physically as well as mentally. So, here I am with you to explore you the basic things, direction, positions according yo guidelines of vastu that you have to be followed before sleeping. You can also change bed directions of your room according to Vastu Tips For Bedroom.

best sleeping position as per vastu

Sleeping Directions According To Vastu

People generally don’t having any idea of Which Direction Is Good For Sleeping or How Should We Position Our Head While sleeping. They are unaware that According To Vastu Which Direction We Should Sleep or about sleeping directions. Now here I will discuss with you all best sleeping directions as per vastu and how they affect you or your life. When you keep your head in that direction while sleeping. Direction of Head While Sleeping According To Vastu matter a lot. It impacts on our life.

sleeping positions according to vastu

  1. North Direction – Dead Bodies Sleeps

Keep one thing in mind, when you decide to construct your bedroom then design should be either in rectangular or square shape. When you points your head in north direction then it’s not the right direction ever for sleeping. You can get bad dreams due to your bed position in north. It definitely effects to your heath also. Because it is improper direction for sleeping.

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Vastu Shastra Bed Positions

This direction is also not good to sleep according to scientific reason. When you place your head in north direction then the magnetic pull will cause pressure on your brain. Only dead bodies head kept in north direction. It’s not means if you are sleep any single day in this direction it will harmful for you but if in routine you will use your head direction in north, can create trouble for you.

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2. South Direction – Best Sleeping Direction

This is the Best Sleeping Direction if you keep your head in this direction. You will be rich in health, happiness and get prosperity. If you are not able to full fill your works properly so you need to change the direction. Lets start sleep with south direction, you will really feel peaceful and will get improvement in your health related problems. South direction is appraise as a place for positive energy. As result south is The Best Direction To Sleep.

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3. East Direction – Full of Power & Energy

Sleeping in east direction is full of advantages. You will feel full of energy and power while sleep in east direction. No one can survive with health related problems. when you will start sleeping in east direction, you will feel increased concentration power. If you are a student, then it;s necessary for them to sleep in east direction to increase memory. They will get more energy, power and hike in concentration power. For students this is the Best Side To Sleep According To Vastu.

sleeping direction as per vastu

4. West Direction – Get Successful Life

As everyone knows food, water, air are the necessary things to live but sleep is the most essential part of our daily life routine. Sometimes doctors also advise us to take proper rest and sleep peacefully for better results of any medicine. Except north direction, all other are Best Sleeping Directions According To Vastu. Sleeping in east direction is also beneficial.

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According to vastu shastra west direction is best for sleeping. By sleeping in this direction we will feel flourishing life and it’s fruitful for us. Not any negative energy thoughts will come in mind, infect you will get name, fame and more successful life.

How To Sleep According To Vastu Direction

Sometimes sleeping with right directions according to vastu shastra but you should have some point keep in mind that also can affect your life, body and internal system.

How We Are Effected If We Are Sleeping Under Beams

Many people have beams in their houses and they don’t have any idea how this effect on our life if sleeping under beam. Any heavy things above your head where you are sleeping, it create autocratic energy in your body. Mainly it effects mental level. Some physical issues can also occur. This thing can causes of severe illness.

What Happens When Sleeps Near Sharp Corners

You should try to avoid if sleeping in direct alignment with sharp corners. It produce harmful effects, decrease energy. Also create stress in body systems.

sleeping under beam vastu remedies

Here, we have tried our best to provide the Vastu Shastra Tips For Good Heath, Bed Facing As Per Vastu, Vastu Shastra For Sleeping Positions and many more. Hopefully you will like all these Vastu Tips For Sleeping Positions and will be beneficial for your health and soon will get successful life if start to follow these Sleeping Directions In Bedroom. We have tried our best to share the tips but if you are passing through some troubles due to the bed directions or sleeping positions then can suggestion for any expert of vastu shastra.