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55+ Simple Nail Art Designs & Ideas That You Must Try At least Once

Hey, girls summer is the season, is actually too much boring. Are you agree with me? No outing in the day timings. So, if you want to do some interesting without going out then today I have come up with an interesting nail art designs, Nail Art Designs For Beginners also. These simple nail art ideas are too much easy that you can try at home by own.

Nail Polish Designs are getting very popular these days in girls. Special material for nail art designs is also available in the market. And if you don’t want to put some heavy material on nails then there are also very glossy nail colors that will give an amazing look to the nails.

Here, we are also trying to put some Easy Nail Art for the lazy girls, like me. Below are the 99+Simple Nail Art Designs & Ideas that for sure you must try at least once.

beautiful nail art designs

How To Do Nail Art Designs For Beginners At Home

Nail Art is very easy, it has no rules like makeup. You can do whatever you want. Just keep in mind before applying nail art manicure your nails properly. If your nails length is not equal then firstly shape them. If you have very small size nails then you can put acrylic nails. Nails will look amazing after applying these Different Nail Designs.

beautiful nail art designs

Amazing Simple & Easy Nail Art Designs

Below I am sharing all the amazing simple and easy nail art designs that you can make yourself.

  1. Black & White Nail Art

Black and white is the most beautiful, simple and evergreen combination of colors. It merely gives attention to your nails.

simple easy nail art design

2. Easy & Cut Nail Art Designs

Little black hearts on light pink are looking amazing. Just put pink nail paint double court and then apply little stickers of any shape. This is as simplest as looks.

cute nail polish designs3. Tri Color Nail Polish

Tri-color stylish nail paint designs looks amazing. You can also apply this pattern with any other colors in the combination of bright nail paint shades.

easy nail art design

4. Minion Nail Paint Design

If you love minion then you will surely love this nail art pattern. As this design is little bit tuff for the beginners but being a cartoon you will love these expressions.

nail paint for children

5. Easy Nail Art Ideas

This chic design is really very easy. You just have to apply your favourite black nail paint and let them dry. When it wil dry just took your all nail paints and apply dots with the help of bobby pins.

nail art ideas

6. Easy Nail Art Design For Short Length Nails

If you have short length nails then this will be the best suited designs to you.

nai art design for short nails

7. Simple Trendy Nail Art Designs

This is simple easy and trendy nail paint designs. This designs easily can be made with the help of tapes and nail paints.

trendy nail art designs

8. Nail Art Design For Beginners

This is the most simple nail art designs. If you are a beginner then simply you can do it yourself.

simple nail art for beginners

9. Easy Simple Heart Nail Polish Design

This is very simple and attractive nail art designs, a combination of colors gives an amazing look to the nails. And stickers in the middle finger puts extra grace in the nail paint.

simple latest nail art designs

10. Drizzling Nail Art

This nail art looks amazing. Simply apply black nail paint and drizzle pink sparkle nail paint on it. It will look amazing in the night parties.

glittery nail art

11. Pink Manicure

If you have short nails then this simple combination of light and dark pink looks amazing.

nail art for short nails

12. Polka Dots Style Nail Art

As polka dots are evergreen patter, also looks amazing when appilied on nails. You can also try this pattern with combination of colors.

step by step nail art designs for beginners

13. Snow Manicure Nail Designs

Surely this snow manicure will grab the attention on your nails, you can add white dots with the help of nail art tool. Making this design is very simple, you don’t need to follow any texture.

nail art designs for beginners

14. Mixing Of Colors

You can simply apply Mix N Match of multiple nail paints. This also will look amazing. For long stay of nail paint you have to re-apply this within 2-3 days.

nail art stickers

15. Golden Manicure

Nowadays golden color in the latest trend for wedding or parties, so you can try this one with the heavy party dress. This will give you the stylish and elegant look to your dress also.

nail art for short nails for beginners

16. Summer Nail Art Ideas

Summer is full of watermelons…So, if you wants to do some interesting in the boring evenings, then it will be the best idea to apply nail art.

summer nail art designs

17. Strawberry Look Nail Art

If you are a lover of strawberries then surely this will look very pretty to you. This nail art design is also very easy to make. You can draw dots with the help of bobby pins also.

strawberry designs nail art

18. Wedding Theme Nail Art

If we talk about the wedding, then it directly takes our mind to glitters and glossy shade. Indian weddings are full of bright colors and the glitters. So, this design you can also apply with the help of your trainer on your life’s most special day.

v-shape nail art designs

19. Valentines Special Nail Art

As valentines is very special for every girl, so to look beautiful on special day. You can put some love patterns on your nails.

valentines day special nail art

20. Santa Looks Amazing On Nails

On this Christmas give some special feel to your nails also. Feel as Santa is close to you by applying Santa theme nail art.

santa clause nail art

21. Matte Nail Art Design

Matte nail polish is in trends nowadays. You just have to purchase matte nail paint and to apply on your nails. To give it glossy look you can add some glitter on each figure or only on one, as you like.

nail art designs gallery

22. Wavy Manicure

If you have long nails then this wavy look nail paint will look awesome. But if you are a beginner in nail art design then this will be little bit typical for you. You can add colors of your choice.

snow manicure

23. Neon Mixture Nail Art Design

Bright colors look amazing, simply apply neon color nail paint and put some water drops shape with the different color. This will give the cool look in the hot summers.

neon nail paint designs

24. Tiger Print Nail Art

As animal print looks amazing at every place. Why not try this on your nails this time.
printed nail paint pattern

25. Flag Print Nail Art Pattern

If you love your country then you can put your flag colors as your nail paint to show your love. You can also try this pattern with different colors also.
unique nail art design

26. Zebra Crossing Nails

This zebra print on nails looks amazing on nails and also very easy to apply. Just apply white nail paint and draw black lines with the nail art tool.

strip design nail art

27. Ketty Eye Nail Art Designs

Bright red color looks amazing on nails, try some different this time with this beautiful red color nail paint.

red nail paint pattern

28. Shadow Theme Nail Art

You can simply apply this nai paint with two different nail paints. You can also apply this with the help of spounge.

sea look nail art

29. Cool Nail Art Design Pattern

This is very easy to apply on nails. Just apply white nail paint and let them dry then with the help of toothbrush, apply multi color nail paint.

multi color nail art

30. Trendy Nail Art Design

You can apply this trendy style of nail paint with any of two colors. You can also try this pattern with the help of bobby pins also.

easy nail art with beginners

31. Glittery Nail Art

This glittry nail art gives your simple nail paint more attractive looks. Simply apply nail paint and put some glitters on the tips.

easy nail art at home

32. Sky Stars Nail Manicure

Nowadays this type of glittery and glossy nail paints are easily available in market. just purchase them and apply and let them dry properly.

glittery nail art design

33. Professional Look Nail Art Designs

This is the most simplest nail art designs. As the ring finger has always required some attention. So apply some different color pattern on it.

summer nail art design

34. Peacock Nail Art

If you are nail art expert then this pattern will look amazing. To apply this pattern you required a lots of practice.

feather look nail art

35. Dark Color Nail Polish

This is one of my favourite nail art designs. Just apply any dark color nail art and apply golden glitters on it. Simple nail paint will also give attractive look.

festive look nail art

36. Rainbow Nail Art Designs

To give rainbow look you can simply apply any bright color nail paints. This will surely gain attension of everybody.

rainbow nail art designs

37. Pearl Nail Art Design

Pearl on nails gives glossy and attractive look. You can apply different wastage material on your nails after applying nail paint.


38. Zig – Zag Nail Art

You can apply more than one color nail paint as zig-zag pattern.
simple nail art design

39. Smiley Nail Art Pattern

This simple nail paint design represents the life concepts. You will feel more happiness by applying these beautiful smilies.

smiley nail art

40. Jewel Nail Art

You can apply these digital designs nail art strickers on the simple nail paint and pearls, diamonds and different jewels are giving very attractive look.

41. Balloons Theme Nail Art

If it’s your birthday or any special event then balloons are the best idea to apply.

baloons theme nail art 42. 3D Nail Art

This simple 3D nail art looks amazing. You can put this simple design on your engagement also, as the ring finger with golden glitters looks amazing.

3d nail art

43. Beautiful Bow Nail Art

Jeweled bow looks amazing and also gives trendy look. Stones with the dots gives simple and unique look.

beautiful bow nail art designs

44. Ultimate Black Nail Art

Simple pure black nail paint with strips pattern looks amazing. Simple looks more attractive.

black nail polish color

45. Holiday Nail Art

Dark red and black color combination looks attractive and also gives feel of holidays.

holiday nail art

46. Digital Print Nail Art

You can apply these digital print nail art stickers after applying the simple nail paint. These are easily available in market having very huge range.

digital nail art designs

47. Double Tone Nail Art

Double shade nail art looks amazing. You can try this with your dress colors choice.

double tone nail art

48. Fruit Nail Art

This nail art will look a little different. All fruits you can like may be applied as nail art.

fruit theme nail art

49. Floral Nail Art

Floral pattern gives soothing effects when applied with traditional wears.

floral nail art

50. French Manicure

French manicure is in the latest trend now days. It looks very pretty. In this style only finger tips has been painted by nail art.

french manicure nail art

51. Water Nail Art

Water nail art looks beautiful, it’ss very easy to draw texture. You just have to add colors in water and made texture on your nails after dipping into water.

water drop nail art designs

52. Best Spring Nail Art

In the spring season you can apply these kind of vviberant colors with some patterns. This will damm sure gain attaintion on your nails.

spring season nail art

53. Diamond Nail Art

If planning for a party, then this will look very pretty. You can make any pattern with diamonds.

diamond nail art designs

54. Mother’s Day Special Nail Art

Do somethings special on this mother’s day to show your love to your mother.

mother day nail art

55. Butterfly Nail Art

If you love butterflies then surely you will love this beautiful butterfly pattern.

butterfly nail art

56. Half Moon Nail Art Designs

Now take moon on your hands, simply applying blue nail paint after pasting tape on hands and then remove tape and apply sparkle nail art.

half moon nail art designs

57. Leopard Pattern Nail Art

Different colors in leopard pattern will give cool effects on your nails.

leopard nail art designs

Hey guys, hope you will love these nail art designs and surely will try on your nails in this boring summers. Above we have shared our Best Nail Art Designs that at least once you should try.