Hair colors are in trend now, everyone is getting bored with the natural color and want to change their looks and Hair Dye Brands That Doesn’t Damage Hair. Hair color can add flair to your personality. If you are applying color on your hairs for the first time make sure that you must choose the best hair color because you don’t want to damage your hairs.

Colors like burgundy or crimson can enhance your looks and streaks of red, blue and green can make you. Colors like burgundy or crimson can enhance your looks and streaks of red, blue and green can make you stand apart in the crowd. Try to choose ammonia free hair color brands because they seem to be natural color than another one.

The market is full of the hair color brands but chooses the right one is dependent on you, depend on the length, density and hair style you must choose hair color. Here is a list of the best professional hair dye brand, best hair dye brand that doesn’t damage hair and much more.


 Best Hair Dye Color Brands In India

Best Hair Dye Color Brands In India

In India Most of us has black or brown shades of the hairs which are good also. But nowadays everyone wants to be creative and they play with their hairs too. To have a different look and change with their personality some are crazy about the hairs color. So hair colors are in trend for attractiveness. Before buying the hair color you read the labels, the color must contain ingredients which don’t damaged your hair and scalp or must not have any allergic material in it. So here is a list of the best of the hair color for you which you can select and apply.

best hair dye brand for men

1. L’Oreal Paris casting Creme Gloss Hair Color

L’Oreal Paris casting creme gloss helps in covering all the gray hairs to give you a glossy finish and gives you a natural looking color. This color doesn’t contain ammonia and long lasting for up to 28 shampoos. It gives satin core conditioner will make your hair stronger and smoother. if you want to change your looks then you should opt this hair color. It will aid shine in your hairs also.


best hair dye brand for unnatural colors

2. L’oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color

L’Oreal Paris excellence creme is enriched with pro-keratin which strengthens and revitalizes the hairs. It is a long casting and covers all the gray hairs in many attractive shades. If you have glossy hairs and don’t want must more shine then this is the best color for you. It has a creme texture which helps in providing the glossy look to your hairs. This color is in the budget also.

best hair dye that won

3. Garnier Color Naturals Hair Color

Garnier color naturals hair color is enriched with olive oil which helps in providing the nutrition to your hairs and maintains the hair’s healthier. This color is long lasting and you needn’t go for the touch ups at small intervals. It comes in the creme texture so there is no chance of drip. It makes your dull hair as lustrous.

Garnier Color Naturals

4. Wella Kolestint Hair Color

Wella Kolestint hair color is the long lasting and deeply penetrates into the core of the every single strand and covers almost all the gray hairs. It contains more percentage of the dye as comparative to others brands, which is meant for the women with lighter colored hairs. This hair color is perfect for the darker Indian hair. It is costly as compared to others brands. It is also ammonia free and easy to use, aid in the glossy looks of yours.


Wella Kolestint

5. Matrix Hair Color

Matrix hair color is another ammonia free hair color which provides the salon quality which matches your looks and enhances your personality. This hair color includes a wide range of the highlights. They don’t leave any type of the smell in your hairs. They also give minimum stress to hair cuticles.

Matrix Hair Color

6. Revlon Hair Color

Revlon hair color is the first to start with the ammonia free hair color and thus, it is the first choice of the maximum of the customers. It provides the vast range of the hair colors and it is easily available to you. It is in the budget also. It can be spread over hairs very easily and can provide shine to your dull hairs.


Revlon Hair Color

7. Clairol Hair Color

Clairol hair color is another which offers ammonia free hair color. By the use of this hair color, you will get healthy looking hairs and it covers all the gray hairs. You needn’t put it in for more than 10 minutes. It is not a permanent hair color but can go for at least 28 shampoos. It will give you glossy hair and strength your hairs.

Clairol Hair Color

8. Godrej Renew Hair Color

Godrej renews hair color is long lasting hair color, which is affordable also. It covers almost all gray hairs. It contains aloe vera and protein conditioners which help in providing the nourishment to your hairs and aids in the shiny look for your hairs. This color is suitable for all types of the hairs. It is a very cheap in range.


Godrej Renew Hair Color

9. Streax Hair Color

Stream hair color contains walnut oil in it so helps in the repairment of the damaged hairs and curb bit technology penetrates deep into the hair core. It is also a long lasting. It comes in the creme texture so doesn’t drip and provides the great care to your hairs too. It also comes in the various hair color.

Streax Hair Color

10. Naturtint Hair Color

Naturtint is again an ammonia-free hair color. It is 100 percent plant-based to protect your hairs and scalp from damaged. It is a long lasting , available in the 29 shades which are radiant too. It also helps in preventing the irritation on your scalp and hairs. Most of the salon used this hair color and it is in the budget.


Naturtint Hair Color

In this article, you have read about the varieties of the hair color which are available in the market and you can go with it. These are easy to use hair color and spread over all the single strand of your hairs. It covers the maximum of the gray hairs naturally and long lasting too. Some of them contain natural ingredients and provides the glossy and bouncy look to your hairs.