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Just like another Indian weddings south Indian weddings are also full of functions, rituals and cultures. Wedding are the symbol of traditions. India is full of different regions and traditions, tradition change according to the area. Here are Gorgeous South Indian Bride Wedding Pictures.

As South Indian Weddings are more simpler and cultural than North Indian Weddings. So, it’s very important for the South Indian Bride to look amazing with the simplicity. Wedding is not a single day occasion, it’s goes 6-7 days in south. So, brides needs to a lot to be maintain on her wedding.

South Indian Bridal Saree will be different according to function South Indian Bridal Hairstyle is generally the long braids astonished with the South Indian Bride Jewellery. South Indian Bridal Makeup will also be according to her wedding events functions. In this post we have added some of the Photography Poses Of South Indian Bride. As pictures are the best memories to recall your special day.

south indian bridal jewellery sets

Traditional South Indian Bridal Latest Amazing Wedding Collection

In India weddings traditions and costumes varies according to the region. Today, we have come up with the Latest Trends For South Indian Bride Looks & Style. Some girls get a long duration after they fix it and some have very small time. So, it’s better to search for the South India Bridal Beautiful Saree, Jewellery and many more online before going out for shopping.

indian bridal jewellery

Beautiful South Indian Bridal Saree Designs

South is very famous for their silk sarees and specially Kanjivaram’s. Colours gives the bridal more attractive looks. She looks amazing in the deep red, green, blue and golden color silk saree. These simple silk saree gives the more elegant look to the south indian wedding.


south indian wedding sarees

South Indian Wedding Bridal Saree Picture

South Indian Bridal Jewellery

As weddings for women are not supposed without the jewellery but if we talk about south indian wedding then it’s full of gold jewellery. Every body part like neck, arms, waist, hair, toe will be adorned with gold. There are multiple necklace different in size will be worn by bride. Temple Jewellery is very famous in south. As the name denotes jewellery designs would be made of gods. South Indian gold jewellery will have unique designs with the antique gold.

south indian wedding jewellery

South Indian Wedding Bridal Gold Jewellery

south indian wedding invitations

South Indian Bridal Jewellery

south indian jewellery for hands

South Indian Jewellery For Hands


South Indian Bridal Hairstyle For Wedding

If we talk about south indian wedding then bride will be seen with full of jewellery from head or toe. Gold jewellery with flowers in hair complement the south indian bride simple silk saree. Most of the south indian girls has long hair braids or some make a bun or updos and enhance their beauty with flowers. Flowers not only blossoms with great smell but also extends the beauty of South Indian Bride.

south indian bridal hairstyle

South Indian Bridal Hairstyle

south indian bridal photography

South Indian Wedding Photography

south indian wedding collection

South Indian Bridal Make Up

As South Indian Bride face most of the part remains covered with the jewellery and hair accessories. So, make up plays a vital role to give the bold bright look to bride. As bride have to change dresses according to the ceremonies therefore sometimes brides prefer to wear golden make up that will match perfectly with their saree and jewellery. Bride make up should be bold and in deep colours to stay long lasting till the end of wedding. Due to the dusky skin tone most South Indian also use red, bronze or matching with gold.

south indian bridal makeup

South Indian Bridal Makeup Pictures

south indian bridal jewellery

Beautiful South Indian Bride

South Indian Wedding Photography Poses

There are many ceremonies are before and after the wedding, they are also as important as wedding. Photos are the things that kept the memories alive. Friends, if you are planning for wedding then put a huge budget aside for the wedding photographs. This will stay always with you when you will grew old and don’t able to memorise your special day.

Here, we have put some South Indian Wedding Bridal Photography Ideas. Hope you will love them.

south indian bridal looks

South Indian Bridal Photographs

south indian wedding funny images

Enjoy Fun On Your Wedding

south indian wedding poses

South Indian Wedding Poses

south indian wedding poses


Hey, these are some of the best beautiful south indian bridal wedding pictures. Hope you will love these pictures. If any one of your south indian friend is planning to getting married soon then please share these South Indian Wedding Photographs with her.