Who Is Tom Bergeron’s Wife? Known About Lois Bergeron

Hello there, buddies! Today, we’ll be talking about a really exceptional lady named Lois Bergeron. She is the wife of Tom Bergeron, the television host of “Dancing with the Stars.” Let’s discover more about her in a straightforward manner.

Who is Lois Bergeron?

Lois Bergeron

Lois Bergeron is Tom Bergeron’s wife. They’ve been married for a long time and have a lovely family. Lois tries to avoid the spotlight, despite the fact that Tom Bergeron is a well known TV host. This means she doesn’t appear on TV or attend major events with her husband.

Meet Lois Bergeron: The Woman Behind the Star

  • Name: Lois Bergeron
  • Birthday: June 5, 1952
  • Nationality: American

Their Long and Happy Marriage

Tom and Lois have been together for 37 years! That is a very long time. They married in 1982 and have been together ever then. Jessica and Samantha are their two daughters. Tom and Lois have a very happy family and enjoy spending time together.

Lois Likes to Keep a Low Profile

Lois, unlike her husband, dislikes celebrity. She rarely attends red carpet events or appears in photos. She prefers to keep her personal life private, which is perfectly fine!

A Strong Bond

Lois and Tom have a great relationship despite her dislike of the spotlight. They are supportive of one another and have gone through many ups and downs together. They had to cancel their 41st wedding anniversary plans due to a health concern, but they still celebrated their love together, according to Tom.

A Funny Story

A humorous story about Tom and Lois exists. When Tom was hosting “Dancing with the Stars,” he received a surprise kiss from one of the show’s stars, Kirstie Alley. This did not amuse Lois, but it was all in good fun!

Financial Matters

While Lois’ net worth and occupation are unclear, Tom Bergeron is reported to be worth $16 million. as detailed in our exclusive article on his net worth.

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So, there you have it, a little bit about Lois Bergeron. She is not as well known as her husband, but she is a vital part of his life. They have a lovely family and a solid marriage. It’s good to see how they support one other, even if one of them prefers to remain anonymous.

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