Pediatric Healthcare Patient Portal Login –

Do you want to log in to the pediatric healthcare portal? Access the pediatric healthcare portal to make an appointment and check your child’s portal. If you are a new patient, you will first need to register at the pediatric healthcare portal.

This article will show you how to log in to the Pediatric Healthcare Patient Portal. You can also review the registration process and password reset options. We have provided additional support by providing a number and email address for the pediatric healthcare patient portal customer service phone number.

How do I register a pediatric healthcare patient portal

To create an account for the pediatric healthcare patient portal, if you’re new to it, please click here. To sign up, follow the steps below.

Pediatric Healthcare Patient Portal
  • Now Click on the PHCA Patient Portal button.
Pediatric Healthcare Patient Portal
  • To create a new account, click on the Signup button.
  • Fill in your name, email address, and other details to complete the signup.
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to your email id. For future access, please save your username/password.
  • You can now log in to your patient portal.

How do I log in to the portal for pediatric healthcare patients?

You will need your patient username and password to log in to the pediatric healthcare patient portal.

You can log in if you are a patient.

  • Navigate to the “Portal” option on the Official Pediatric Healthcare Patient Portal website:
  • Now Click on the PHCA Patient Portal button.
  • Enter your login credentials Username & Password in these fields.
Pediatric Healthcare Patient Portal
  • Click on the Login button.
  • You will be redirected directly to your patient portal dashboard.

You can now access:- Health & Medical Records. Book an appointment. Pay bills online.


Everything related to the pediatric healthcare portal login, signup, and customer support has been covered. We are here to assist you with any problem you may have.

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