Male Hairstyles that Women Hate

Remember: there are stylish hairstyles, and there are funny ones. And this is not the same thing. Many guys often copy the haircuts of their favorite athletes, actors, musicians or movie heroes. But what looks cool in a movie is not always that in life. If you, of course, do not want to hear badly concealed laughter. We collected for you several types of male hairstyles, which women evaluate low on the scale of attractiveness. This opinion was shared by the girls from

Walking circumcision

The pilot of “Formula 1” Ferrari team Sebastian Vettel at the beginning of this season appeared before the audience with his new haircut. What happened to the four-time world champion is difficult to understand. It seems that his stylist was very angry with the driver for something. On the track it is customary to attract attention by a victory, and not by your ridiculous appearance. Usually Vettel succeeded due to the first factor. In any case, the girls put a minus sign to this hairdo.

If you do not want to be a joke, do not be like Vettel, bro!

Professor in retirement

There is nothing funny when a man is bald. But young guys, such as actor Alexander Skarsgard (guy in the photo), it is not recommended to wear professorial bald head and even try to hide it by combing the remaining hair. It is better to shave in this case. Fortunately, Skarsgard tried on this image only because of the filming in the series The Hummingbird Project.

If one is not the best day of your life, you will understand that you are bald – just go to the hairdresser and take a haircut nalyso. Lysina – it’s cool, believe me. Girls like bald muzhiks, they excite them. Unlike poor attempts to hide his bald spot. It’s disgusting.

 Acidic ponies

Even the song Boss with its loud name does not save rapper Lil Pump from the absurdity of his sight. The hairstyle of the musician reminds something of a middle between Predator and My Little Pony. And when did the classic image of the American rapper manage to turn into this? In general, the girls do not approve of this style. It seems that many rappers of the old school, too.

And if you think that we are wrong, try on your head such a haircut and try to pick up some beauty on the street or at least in the bar. Yes, even at the bar you will not get anything – even if you buy a girl a gallon of whiskey and she drinks it, she will not be able to look at you and your hair without laughing.

Shaved temples and hair on the vertex

One of the most popular hairstyles of the 2015/16 season, especially among athletes. This is not the worst hairstyle, and women perceived it as loyal. But for the time being. At some point, her popularity went so far that guys with shaved sides and left top resembled some army of cloned soldiers. But we are not in the plot of anti-utopia, although, perhaps, even there, women would not approve such a choice.

The High Dictator

The dry schedule, the iron discipline and that everyone was afraid – that’s probably what Kim Jong-un was thinking about, choosing the style of his hairstyle. If you are not going to develop a nuclear program in your country and threaten this whole world, then we advise you to refrain from such an image. Hair with a clear fixation cause association with the crown. Women, of course, love princes, but this is too much, bro.

Long symmetry

This hairstyle is not so bad, especially if you’re Jared Leto or trying to star in the new adaptation of The Lord of the Rings. Just usually girls do not like guys who have more beautiful hair than they do.

Republic style

Do you know what kind of person with hair looks bald anyway? That’s right: we’re talking about the current president of America. Trump, of course, is a tough man, a billionaire, a leader of a superpowerfull country, but his hair is a natural disaster. There is nothing worse when wind forms your hairstyle. And especially if you have chaos on your head, although it’s calm in the street.

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