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In this post, we will help you with the Fauquier patient portal login procedure using step-by procedure instructions. You can also make appointments through the Fauquier patient portal by signing up their portal or calling their customer service number below.

The Fauquier Patient Portal is a brand-new tool to help people and families remain connected to their healthcare providers. Its features include a personalized site, secure messages along with easy access to crucial health information.

Through this portal for patients, Patients can be kept informed about their health and wellness as well as receive notifications promptly about test results and any adjustments to their health regimen, and also connect to family members who can help.

About Fauquier Patient Portal

The portal for patients of the Fauquier health department is a website that permits patients to access their medical documents, talk to their healthcare providers, and learn more about local facilities. The portal was designed in conjunction between the Fauquier Health Department as well as Fauquier County Hospital System as well as a variety of community groups. The portal is open to all residents in Fauquier County Virginia.

How to Sign Up Fauquier Patient Portal

  • Step-4. Then, Enter your username and password ( Confirm password) email, and type the letters in the provided fields.
  • Step-5. Click on the Next button.
  • Note:- Not registered yet? Contact the Health Information Management Department at 540.316.4440.

How To Login To Fauquier Patient Portal?

Follow the steps given below for Fauquier Patient Portal Login carefully and follow them till the end.

Fauquier Patient Portal Login:- Click Here

Step-1. Visit The Fauquier Patient Portal site at www.fauquierhealth.org

Step-2. Now, you will see a “patient portal” in front of you.


Step-4. Enter your username and password in the given field.

Step-5. Click on the Login button.

How To Reset Your Fauquier Patient Portal Password?

Step-1. To retrieve your password, visit the official patient portal at www.myfauquierhealth.com/PtAccess/

Step-2. Now, click on the “forgot your password” option.

Step-3. On the next page, enter your username, and email address and type the letters in the provided field.

Step-4. Click on the “Next” button.

Step-5. Your Password is successfully reset.

Fauquier Patient Portal Reset Your User Name

Step-2. Now, click on the option forgot your username.

Step-3. Then, enter your Email Address and verify the captcha letters.

Step-4. Click on the “Next” Button.

Book Appointments Online

If you’re looking for an efficient method to keep track of and keep your health information in one location, the Fauquier Patient Portal is perfect for you. The portal online gives you easy accessibility to medical records, your current medications as well as other information. You can make appointments and view lab results, and much more.

Also Check It:-

Fauquier Patient Portal Customer Services Number

  • To contact our Billing Department, call 540.316.2970
  • Email address:- FHQualityOfCareConcernsRep@fauquierhealth.org
  • Location

Address- Fauquier Health
500 Hospital Dr.
Warrenton, VA 20186

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Thank you for selecting Fauquier Patient Portal! Our Patient Portal can help you to keep the track of all your appointments with your doctor, get alerts about health events coming up and get more information concerning our products and services. It is easy to use. The Portal is user-friendly and accessible on any device with Internet access. We’re looking eager to assist you in getting the most value from the time you spend with Fauquier Patient Portal!

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