25 Different Types of Kisses And Their Meanings

A Kiss is an indication of love which can be love between any two people.The meanings of the kisses can be different depending on the type of kisses between two people.Every kiss has its own meaning, whether its a kiss between friends, lovers or Mom-Son.A person can be kissed on any part of the body and every kiss is called with different names.We are again here to make you understand different types of kisses and their meaning with perfect pictures so that you may apply them wherever you want.
The type of kissing depends on what kind of a bond is shared between the two people kissing.There are more than 30 types of kisses all over, but we are giving you a brief explanation of the most popular kisses with pictures so that you are aware of all of them.

Types of Kisses And Their Meanings

forhead kiss types of kisses
The Forehead Kiss mostly indicates affection, which can be between any two people, for eg. Mom-Son, Friends , Lovers, Relatives etc This type of kissing proves that the two people like each other and share a trustworthy relation.

The Eskimo Kiss

Eskimo kiss Different types of kisses and their meanings
 The Eskimo Kiss is an indication of affection and basically, this is used by parents and children to show their love to each other. This kiss includes touching of noses with each other. The Eskimos living in the Snowy areas used to perform this kind of kiss and that is the reason, this is termed as Eskimo Kiss.

The French Kiss

french kiss types of kisses
The French Kiss is one of the most romantic kisses around the globe. This kiss is performed by lovers only to show their love and passion towards each other. This is not a normal lip kiss, the tongue is also involved while kissing to show their intimacy towards each other.This is easy to execute but it may take a lifetime to master it.There are many kinds of kisses but this one is considered as the best one for a couple in love.

The Single-Lip Kiss

single lip kiss type of kiss different types of kissing
The Single-Lip Kiss usually happens in Lovers. The Couples either married or not, performs this only when they are really into deep love with each other.This includes sandwiching each other’s lips and gently sucking them.The Kiss sends a strong romantic indication of love if done properly.

The Hand Kiss

hand kisses types of kissing
Holding someone’s hand by fingers and then gently kissing the backside of the palm.The kiss is an indication of your likeness towards someone.We usually do this kiss when we tell someone that we like and would love to take the relationship further.The Hand Kiss also indicates respect, admirati, and kindness.

The Earlobe Kiss

earlobe kiss different Types of kisses
The Earlobe Kiss is done by taking someone’s earlobes in between the lips and continuously tuggling the earlobe using the tongue.The kiss shows attatchment of a couple and indicates the level of intimacy they have with each other. That is the reason it is considered to be one of the most liked kiss by the lovers, it automatically gives a vibration in the body.The kiss gets more intimate and intense if the tongue moves in a circular motion inside the ear.

The Butterfly Kiss

butterfly kiss Butterfly Kiss kiss meanings
The butterfly kiss is the kiss of the eyelashes. When two people kiss each other and their eyelashes touch each other, the kiss is said to Butterfly kiss. Before kissing the lips, the eyes are blinked fast so that eyelashes flutter like butterfly wings.

The Upside-Down Kiss

upside down kiss meanings of kiss
This kind of kiss evolved from the movie Spiderman. The kiss which happened when Spiderman comes to Upside down and kisses Mary Lane, this was also called Spiderman Kiss.The head of the person you are kissing is upside down to you.

The Lingering Kiss

lingering kiss meaning and how to do it
This is a kiss done with closed mouth and it lasts for more than 20 seconds.The kiss is usually done to show immense love between each other.The people are said to share a never ending bond when they are found kissing this one. The kiss indicates True Love and Faith the two people have for each other.

The Cheek Kiss

what each kiss means cheek kiss kiss on cheeks
The cheek Kiss is done by closed mouth on someone’s cheek.This kiss is used to show affection to someone you love or friends with. The kiss is more popular when you flirt with someone or when you are bidding good bye to your close friends.

The Peck

the peck kiss types of kisses and meanings
The Peck is a small tight lip kiss on lips or cheeks.The peck is most used as a expression of friendship.It can also be used as a spark of romance between two people.

The Lip-Gloss Kiss

Lip Gloss Kiss Different kisses
This kiss is usually done for the sake of some fun.In this, kiss is done in such a way that the lip gloss on partner’s lips is coated on other’s lips until they are also coated with your lip gloss.The thing which is kept in mind is that Lip Gloss must be flavoured and sweet so that your partner likes it.

Secret Message Kiss

secret message kiss types of kissing
This kiss is a kind of a French kiss, but with a secret message in it. The kiss gets more intense and intimate which ultimately sends a message to the partner that you do not want to limit yourself to just kiss. You may also spell out in the middle of the kiss.

Lizard Kiss

lizard kiss types of kisses and meanings
The Lizard Kiss is done with the use of Tongue and not the lips. The kiss involves moving the tongue in and out of the partners mouth with quick strokes . It is fun doing this kind of kiss but it can only be done between intimate couples.

The Air Kiss

air kiss types of kissing with meaning
The air kiss is mostly like a flying kiss which we give in the air pointing towards the one who you are giving to.The kiss is mostly given to friends and family and mostly while meeting after a long time or bidding a good bye.

Kiss of an Angel

kiss of an angel types of kisses

The Kiss of An Angel is a gentle kiss on the eyelids or somewhere near the eyes of the person, you are kissing.This is done between people deeply in love with each other. A mother can do it on a child’s eyes or can also be done between couples. The Kiss shows deep affection between people and is usually done when bidding bye or waking someone up.

Seductive Kiss
seductive kiss different type of kiss

Though There are different types of kisses, but the seductive kiss is one of the intimate and passionate kisses as this kiss is used to seduce someone you love.It is not necessarily to be done on the lips, but it has some very intimate expressions in itself so as to seduce your partner.

The Jaw Kiss

Jaw kiss sexiest kiss best kiss types of kissing
The Kiss is a bit sensual as it is placed at the jawline where the face and the neck meets. This kiss is mostly done between couples who are very used to each other. P.S : Do not try this one on someone who just met, We are not responsible for whatever happens to you. LOL

The Vampire Kiss

vampire kiss hot kiss images meaning of kisses
A vampire kiss is sort of a love bite. The kiss is done on the neck with a bit of sucking and biting.It is very important to find out whether your partner likes it or not because its also possible that your partner might not like it. Try with the only one you are intimate with.

The Neck Kiss

kissing on the neck neck kiss types of kisses
As the name only says , the kiss is done on the neck and neck is a very sensitive part of the body which makes kissing on the neck very sensual. The amount of saliva in the kiss is kept low so as to perform the kiss perfectly. Sucking on the neck is strictly prohibited.

Prolonged Kiss

prolonged kiss Best kiss Lip to Lip Lovers kiss
The Prolonged Kiss is only done by lips with only and only lips involved.The Kiss is full of passion and raw emotions with lots and lots of lip to lip kissing. The Kiss is mostly done by lovers who are truely intimate with each other.

Belly Button Kiss

Belly Bottom Kiss Types Of Kisses With Meaning
The Kiss is basically done to put in shiverings to the body. The Kiss is done by couples only. People Madly in love and want to spend their lives with each other or already married often do that while being intimate.

Juicy Kiss

Juicy Kiss Images Hot Kisses Popular Kiss How to Kiss
The name says it perfectly, the Juicy Kiss is somewhat related to juices. You may put a fruit between the Lips and the keep juicing the fruit continuously until it is empty. There should be something between the lips to suck which should be juicy, for that matter we can also put sugar also.

Deep Throat Kiss

Deep throat kiss Types of Kiss Best Kiss
Deep throat kissing is all about going deep and deep into the mouth with the help of the tongue. The kiss is being done by couples who married or may be not. As this involves intimacy , the people doing it should have a strong bonding with each other.

The Back Kiss

Back kiss kiss on the back sensual kiss lovers kiss
 One of the most sensual kisses , Kissing on the back pumps in strong vibrations of sensuality and bombs in feeling to get more and more intimate. The lovers who have already been intimate and have been sharing a strong trust for a long time are found to have performed it mostly. The Kiss gives goose bumps to the body of the person who is been kissed. There is a use of tongue also so as to improve the perfection and make the partner feel really good about you both together.
We hope that the words written above would prove very beneficial in your lives and you would implement them with whomsoever you are with. Do try the correct kiss with the correct person, otherwise, it may prove fatal to you and you might end up putting the blame on us, LOL. We hope you liked the article and would not hesitate sharing it with your loved ones.

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