How has Damar Hamlin net worth changed over the years?

Damar Hamlin, a young and promising NFL player, has made headlines not only for his on field abilities but also for his financial path in the NFL. Let’s look at his net worth, career, and recent events that have thrust him into the spotlight.

What is the net worth of Demar Hamlin?

Damar Hamlin

While the actual amount of Damar Hamlin’s net worth is unknown, we may glean some information from his contract and earnings. Hamlin got a four year, $3.6 million contract with the NFL after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh. This contract stipulated:

  • A guaranteed signing bonus of $160,476
  • An average annual salary of $910,119
  • A base salary of $825,000 for the 2022 season
  • A rise to $940,000 in 2023
  • An expected earning of over $1 million as a base salary in 2024

Based on these data, Damar Hamlin’s net worth is expected to be over $3 million as of 2023.

Career Highlights

The Buffalo Bills selected Damar Hamlin in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draft. He has already demonstrated his abilities and promise in his third season. During his leadership, the Buffalo Bills won the AFC East Championship in both 2021 and 2022. With a 12-3 record and a six game winning run at the start of 2023, the squad is a strong candidate for the playoffs.

Damar Hamlin’s Biography & Date Of Birth On 2023

NameDamar Hamlin
Date of BirthMarch 24, 1998
Age24 years old
BirthplaceMckees Rocks, Pennsylvania
Weight200 kilograms (Pounds)

Recent Events

A worrying situation occurred during a game versus the Cincinnati Bengals on January 2, 2023. After making a tackle, Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field. The game was halted due to the severity of the occurrence. Hamlin had suffered a heart attack, it was later revealed. He was treated immediately on the field by medics and brought to the hospital. The Buffalo Bills issued a statement acknowledging the circumstances, and Hamlin was released from the hospital after spending more than nine days there.


Damar Hamlin’s NFL career has been tumultuous, both professionally and personally. His commitment to the sport and his team is palpable, and his financial trajectory exemplifies the benefits of hard effort and talent. We wish him ongoing success in his career and personal life as fans and followers.

FAQs about Damar Hamlin’s Net Worth and Career

Q1. Who is Damar Hamlin?

Ans: Damar Hamlin is a professional NFL player who plays for the Buffalo Bills.

Q2. How much is Damar Hamlin’s net worth?

Ans: As of 2023, Damar Hamlin’s estimated net worth is around $3 million.

Q3. What was the value of Damar Hamlin’s contract with the Buffalo Bills?

Ans: Damar Hamlin signed a four year contract with the Buffalo Bills worth $3.6 million.

Q4. How much did Damar Hamlin earn in the 2022 season?

Ans: In the 2022 season, Damar Hamlin earned a base salary of $825,000.

Q5. What happened to Damar Hamlin during a game in 2023?

Ans: On January 2, 2023, during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field after making a tackle. It was later revealed that he had suffered a cardiac arrest.

Q6. Which team drafted Damar Hamlin and in which round?

Ans: Damar Hamlin was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL draft.

Q7. Has Damar Hamlin won any major awards or championships?

Ans: While Damar Hamlin has not won any major individual awards, he has played a significant role in the Buffalo Bills team that won the AFC East Championship in 2021 and 2022.

Q8. How long was Damar Hamlin hospitalized after his on field incident?

Ans: After the incident, Damar Hamlin spent more than nine days in the hospital before being discharged.

Is Damar Hamlin back to playing football after the incident?

As of the information provided, Damar Hamlin was cleared by physicians to return to the playing field in April 2023.

Where did Damar Hamlin go to college?

Damar Hamlin attended the University of Pittsburgh.

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